Cote - All About Volcanoes

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What is a volcano?

Volcanoes are powerful. They can be very destructive. A volcano is an opening in the surface of Earth out of which melted rock and gases that sometimes explodes. A volcano is a vent in the Earth's crust that lets magma and molten rock contained at high pressure with in the Earth reach the surface.

How is magma turned into lava?

While melted rock is still under earth's surface,its called magma.It,s under great pressure so it,s thick like putty.When this material comes though the vent of the volcano and into open air it is no longer under pressure and become,s much thinner.It can flow like liquid.Then we call it lava.

The layers of the Earth and how it relates to a volcanic eruption ?

The Earths crust is made up of huge plates, witch fit together like a puzzle.When these plates collide,one section slides to the top of the other, one beneath is pushed down,magma is squeased up between to plates .
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The parts of a volcano ?

A volcano is a vent in the Earths crust , that lets magma and rock,contained at high pressure within the Earths reach of the surface.The word volcano