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Message from Mr. Lanier

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It is back to school time for the 2020-21 school year. Obviously, this is not the way that we are used to this time of year going and we hope that we will be able to return to a 'normal' schedule at some point in the school year. This edition of Warhawk News contains important dates, updates on how remote learning is different this fall versus the spring, and helpful hints on how to ensure that your student gets the most out their remote learning experience.

As I said in my video message earlier this month, this school year is going to ask a lot of everyone. It will be important that we assume the best in one another; extend grace to one another; do our best and try to live in the solution, not the problem; AND be kind to one another. We have a tremendous opportunity to take this difficult situation and make the most of it. I challenge our community to be the example of how to thrive in this remote learning experience. My time as principal at Central has taught me that our community will step up to the challenge and do great things this year.

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

"It's Time to Soar Warhawks"

Mr. Lanier

Important Dates

August 17-19: Remote Learning Textbook Distribution (see details below)

August 20-21: Virtual Academy device distribution (see details below)

August 20: 1st day of school

August 24: 1st day of instruction

TBD : Virtual Open House

September 1: 1st day of school for WVA students

September 16: Virtual Fall Academic Awards Night

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Student Schedules Will Be Available Monday, 8/17/2020

Great news!! After completely redoing our master schedule (we repurposed 74 sections to accommodate the Virtual Academy students) the student class schedules will be available for viewing in Powerschool Monday morning. Please know that counselors have reviewed all student schedules to ensure that they meet the needs of the student for the coming school year. Please know that the only schedule changes that will be considered are for Seniors who need to make a change in order to meet graduation requirements and/or student athletes who need to add a course to meet the OHSAA requirement to be enrolled in the equivalent of 5 credit bearing courses.

Students will also receive a hard copy of their schedule when they attend the textbook/supply distribution next week.

Our team of counselors, administrators, and secretaries deserve a huge round of applause for the work that they've done to get student schedules ready for the school year. :-)

Be Sure to Register for Remote Learning Textbook/Supply Distribution

Click here to see the schedule and register for the textbook/supply distribution that is set up to occur August 17, 18, and 19. Please rsvp and reserve your slot today if you haven't done so already!!

Note: Central will conduct a separate device distribution day for Westerville Virtual Academy students. Information to follow on the details of how to register for the pick-up.

Synchronous v. Asynchronous Learning

Educators love to use acronyms and fancy words to describe what we're doing. Students/families will be introduced to two words this fall that they will need to know in order to help them get the most out of their remote learning experience. The words are 'synchronous' and 'asynchronous.'

Synchronous lesson: This term means that the lesson is being taught live and in real time. Students will need to log into the video conference during their class period time to access the lesson. Teachers will provide some synchronous lessons each week and will provide a schedule to help students stay on track. Teachers will also provide a link to the lesson video for students who are unable to attend. Students are expected to make every effort to attend synchronous lessons, but we do understand that family device sharing may make this difficult. That is why students will have access to the video lesson to watch at another time if need be.

Asynchronous lesson: This term means that the lesson is student driven/student paced. The teacher will provide the information for the lesson and the student will complete it by the deadline posed by the teacher. Asynchronous lessons may include teacher videos; writing a journal response; answering quiz questions; reading an article; etc. Again, teachers will post their schedule to identify which days are synchronous lessons and which days are asynchronous lessons. Teachers will still be available for live help during their scheduled class periods if a student has a question about an asynchronous lesson.

WCS Parent and Student Technology Guide

The attached pdf below contains important information about the technology that the district is using this year. Please take time to review it together with your student as it is a wonderful 'how to' document that will walk you through how to access and use the various district resources (e.g. Powerschool, Schoology, Google, etc.)

Schoology is the starting platform for all remote learning.

Make sure that you and your student are able to log into Schoology as it will be the place where all educational experiences begin. Teachers will keep their pages updated with lessons, weekly agendas, and links to other resources used in their instruction.

Please feel free to reach out to Mrs. Hughes in the Counseling office if you experience trouble with access to Schoology.

Powerschool Troubleshooting Help

Please contact Mrs. Hughes (hughesl@westerville.k12.oh.us) if you have any issues logging into Powerschool and/or Schoology.

Communication is the Key!!

Communication is the most important fundamental in making the most of a student's educational experience. Make sure that students and families are plugged into all of the remote learning tools that Westerville is using this school year. Take time now to log into Powerschool and Schoology. Please don't hesitate to reach out to the school if you have any difficulty logging in to your account. Finally, teachers are excited to get started and they have worked all summer to prepare a robust learning experience for their students. Teachers welcome your questions and feedback as we begin school remotely this fall. Your feedback makes us better. :-)

Student Success Coaches

The district has placed Student Success Coaches at each building this year to help students who are having difficulty connecting with their teachers during remote learning. Success coaches will help students with connectivity issues; troubleshoot Powerschool and Schoology issues; act as a liaison between families and teachers; and much more. Look for more information about this program as the year progresses. School Counselors are also poised to assist with all of these things as well.

Westerville Virtual Academy Information

August 20-21: Virtual Academy device distribution to students who requested a device. (details below).

Week of August 24
: Students should connect with their instructors and log in to their Apex account in preparation for the start of the school year.

September 1: Instruction begins in the Virtual Academy.

Questions/concerns about the Virtual Academy should be directed to program director Mr. Adams (adamsb@westerville.k12.oh.us).

Virtual Academy students still have access to their school counselors at Central.

Mrs. Johnson: Students with last names A-Co

Mr. Kloepfer: Students with last names Ce-He

Mrs. Lemmon: Students with last names Hi-Me

Ms. Guice: Students with last names Mi-Sa

Mrs. Ackermann: Students with last names Sc-Z

Virtual Academy Device Distribution

Virtual Academy device distribution for students who requested a device from the district will occur between the hours of 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. August 20 AND 21. Use this link to register for a slot on one of the two days. Use the student email address when registering for device pickup.

Contact Mr. Nickel if you have any questions or need to make other arrangements.

School Meals for the 2020-21 Academic Year

Due to recent decisions by the United States Department of Agriculture, families MUST complete and OPT-IN form in order to receive a school breakfast and/or lunch during virtual instruction. Pickup sites, times/locations are listed below.

In addition, families who wish to apply for free or reduced-price meals MUST also complete the application for meal benefits.

The link to the Westerville City Schools Opt-In form and other information can be found here. Families should also look for this information to come directly from the district.

Pickup Sites Times/Locations:

* Pickup sites will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Fridays. Families that may have difficulty making one of these times should inform the Food Service staff at 614-797-5993 to discuss alternate arrangements.

* Families that sign up to receive breakfasts and/or lunches during remote learning will be assigned to one of the following sites designated as a location for meal pickup:

Annehurst ES, 925 W. Main St.

Hawthorne ES, 5001 Far-View Dr.

Huber Ridge ES, 5757 Buenos Aires Blvd.

Walnut Springs MS, 888 E. Walnut St.

Westerville Central HS, 7118 Mt. Royal Ave.

Westerville North HS, 950 County Line Rd.

Westerville South HS, 303 S. Otterbein Ave.

Wilder ES, 6375 Goldfinch Dr.

Warhawk Academic Boosters

Become a member of the Academic Boosters

Click here to join the Central Academic Boosters. We need your support now more than ever as we approach a challenging year. Become a part of a great group that puts our kids first!!
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Athletics Info

Please visit our Athletic Webpage for the latest in Warhawk Athletic News and upcoming contests.

Athletic Director Andy Ey at eya@westerville.k12.oh.us.

Remote Learning Attendance

We expect to receive more information on how the district will proceed with taking attendance during the time that we are learning remotely. We will pass this along to families and students once we receive it.

Attendance Info

Students who attend school regularly will experience greater success than students who have poor attendance. Helping students with attendance issues is a team effort that includes the family, school counselors, administration and health care providers. Proactive communication around attendance will help the team work together to support students in their efforts to be successful in their academic experience.

Please find some helpful hints from our attendance clerk below to help get the school year started off on the right foot:

Attendance Office Phone #: 614-797-6820

Please call when you know that your student is going to be absent from school for any reason.


Occasionally students have a medical or dental appointment during school hours. In the event that such an appointment is necessary, the following procedure must be used or that student will be considered unexcused: A note from the parent/guardian prior to the appointment is appropriate. A phone call/voice mail message at least 1 hour prior to the student’s necessary dismissal time is acceptable. Parental/guardian calls and notes must be specific about the reason for and the time of the appointment and the approximate time of return. Prior to leaving the building, the student must stop in the attendance office to sign out. Upon return, the student must sign in to the attendance office and bring verification of his/her doctor, dentist, or court appointment.

Thanks for your help in helping us track your child's attendance.



Tom Lanier, Principal

Nick McIlwain, Assistant Principal

Eric Nickel, Assistant Principal

Roshawn Parker, Assistant Principal

Andy Ey, Athletic Director

School Counselors:

Monica Johnson, Counselor A-CO

Jim Kloepfer, Counselor CR-HE

Megan Lemmon, Counselor HI-ME

Erica Guice, Counselor MI-SA

Carrie Ackermann, Counselor SC-Z

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