Buenos Aries


Why would I come?

Buenos Aries, the city known for being unique, exiting, and beautiful. Guaranteed to leave you stunned and breath-taken. Come check it out now!

Buenos Aries blissful food!


What food can you enjoy?

Parrilla is a mouth-watering dish that will dance on your taste buds. It contains juicy beef and vegetables. Want a snack? Chorizos and empanadas are a popular snack dishes! Still can’t get away from fast food? Not only do they have home cooked meals there is also fast food! Top it all off with divine wine and beef.

Buenos Aries has a large variety of food for you to enjoy! =)

Fascinating culture, history and arts!

Bath in the unique buildings, museums, and dances!

Have you ever wanted to learn the tango? This festive dance is is one of the most popular! New flag day???? This is a unique holiday that you can celebrate!

dine is delectable beef it is what this country is known for! To finish up your day fall asleep to old festive music, start a new day by waking up to rock and pop.

Exiting entertainment, tourism, and activities

Have fun with popular sports and climb the tallest mountains! like polo? Maybe football?(soccer) These are the most popular sports in Buenos Aries! On your way to an arena enjoy stunning architecture. If you want to stay inside, enjoy the many museums in buenos aries! To end your day have lunch at a park! they are all around town.In Buenos aries you can find more then enough fun!

Lovely landmarks and historical sites!!! =)

Time to relax Iguazu falls. It is taller and wider then niagara falls, a real breath taker!love history? Perfect!! Some of Buenos Aries has historical sites from the 18th century! have a picnic at all the national parks! Enjoy animals and the weather. Finally stop and see 19th century buildings and apartments. The architecture is amazing!

A fondu of languages

Know or want to know Spanish ? this is the first language in Buenos Aries! Don't worry! almost everyone speaks English because this is their 2nd language! Love this city and don't want to leave? You might develop a really unique accent,with origins from German, French, and Italian! Learn a variety of of languages in Buenos Aries.

The most unique weather you will ever experience!

Weather and climate

Want a funky summer and winter? Summer is from December to through March! winter is from June through September! =O Love the Texas heat? think 115 is hot? on a normal summer day it gets up to 120! Take advantage of the many beaches to cool off in this extreme heat. Don't like sunlight? when its not hot in Buenos Aries it chilly with heavy rain fall. Have fun in this extravagant weather!