Plant Nanny

By: Smrithi Dhananjaya

What is it?

Plant Nanny is an app that manages water intake in a fun, fresh new way.
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User Friendly?

Plant Nanny is super easy to use. The app gives you detailed instructions on how to proceed. They even take your body weight, height and more information in order to measure how much water you need to intake per day.

Favorite/ Least Favorite Features

My favorite thing about this app is that you can customize your plant, by picking different plants, changing the image in the window, and even changing the flowerpot design! My least favorite part about this app is that the instructions explaining some of the additional features were unclear and I had to search some things on the internet.
My days of plant nanny!

Best Things About Plant Nanny

Plant Nanny automatically saves your progress and pushes notifications so you can remember to drink water.

Why should middle schoolers use it?

The real questions is: why wouldn't middle schoolers use it? A fun new way to encourage people to drink water, allowing them to grow plants and customize their own garden.

The only con is that there is no competition, so the app gets boring very, very quickly.