Off the Shelf...

@ The Kirkwood Library January/February 2016

The Book Fair is Coming! Volunteers Needed!

The Spring Scholastic Book is coming soon and the library needs your help! We are looking for volunteers to help run the cash register for 1 hour time slots (or more if you like!)

The Book Fair will open on the following dates and times-NOTE: these times differ slightly from what was in the newsletter.

Tuesday, February 23 4:00-6:00 PM

Wednesday, February 24 4:00-6:00 PM

Thursday, February 25 9:00AM - 7:00 PM (open all day during conferences, volunteers only needed in evening)

What's Going on in K-2?

Kindergarten: Kindergarten has been learning how to use the shelf markers to find and select their own books from the shelf in the library during checkout. In the computer lab they have been learning the basics of KidPix 3D, an awesome painting program that the kids love! During library classes they have been enjoying several read alouds from our BRAND NEW book selection! Students always love to be the first ones to get to enjoy a book in our library. We just recently started a fairy tale unit where we will focus on comparing fairy tales while looking at elements of the story like characters, setting, problem and solution using The Three Little Pigs, The Little Red Hen and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

First Grade:First grade has been learning more about the layout of the library and different literary genres as we "Read Around the Library!" So far students have enjoyed books from the Everybody, Early Reader, Biography, Folklore and Poetry sections of the library. All of these books have the common theme of Winter. We will continue to look at books from nonfiction and finish with a short chapter book from the independent reader section.

Second Grade: Second graders have been traveling the globe as we "Read Around the World" Students have been enjoying listening to books from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil & Italy so far. We will be "traveling" to several countries in Africa as well as India, Australia, China & Japan. Along with reading these books, students have been taking mini virtual field trips using Google Maps to "visit" these places and learn more about the topics or characters in the books. Students also get to stamp their reading passports after we visit each country to keep a record of all the great books we are reading!

What's Going on in 3rd & 4th?

Third Grade: Third graders have been doing an in depth unit on Literary Genres. We have been reading examples of the many different types of genres and discussing their characteristics in hopes that students will be able to identify literary genres independently. We played an interactive "I Have Who Has" game to help students learn the characteristics and names of these genres.

Fourth Grade: Fourth graders have been doing a review of literary genre as they work on completing their Coralville Optimist Good Reader Program requirements. Students read books from several different genres and write short summaries. They are also asked to complete three activities: talking to someone about a book, creating a bookmark and finding two articles related to a class topic. It is our goal this year that all students reach level 3 which means they will each read 9 books and complete all three activities.

What's Going on in 5th & 6th

6th Grade Poster Examples

Click here to see some examples of the poster 6th grade has been working on during library.

Fifth Grade: Fifth grade has been working on their All About Me Presentations using Google Slides. They have been learning how to save images directly to their Google Drive using a Chrome extension and how to insert those into their presentation. They have also been exploring their options for making their presentations a little more "exciting" by adding transition, animations and themes. Once complete students will be learning how to cite the images they use from online to give credit to those who created them.

Sixth Grade: Sixth graders are finishing up a biography poster project. Students have been doing basic research on a person of their choice and taking notes using a graphic organizer. Students are then transferring that information into a poster about their person using Google Drawings. They are saving and inserting photos of their person and personalizing their work by adding different color backgrounds and fonts that are to their liking.