Starburst Auditions

Singing and dancing group

Please come if you love performing!

We are Starburst dancing and singing group. We held auditions this summer and we now have about 10 group members. We decided that we would have another audition after the holidays since we were so successful the first time. Starburst is for KIDS ONLY!!! All ages from 7-14 are permitted.

Starburst Auditions

Friday, Jan. 31st, 4:30-6:30pm

520 8th Avenue

New York, NY

After the auditions we will email the people who made the group sometime at the end of January.


4:30-4:45 Check-in and get your number

4:45-6:00 Dance auditions

6:00-6:15 First cut and break

6:15-7:15 Singing auditions

7:15-7:30 Final cut

We are Starburst Dancing and Singing Group

We are group that started in the summer of 2013. We are hoping to create beautiful dance routines and songs to sing at different events and we eventually hope to enter dance competitions.