Carson Staff Happenings


Carson Calendar

9/25 - RtI Meetings

9/25 - Vision and Hearing Screening

9/28-10/2 - STAR Early Lit - Kinder

9/28 -Dads vs Staff Volleyball Game and Carson Dads Program @5:30 pm

9/30 - Faculty Meeting (Wireless Wednesday) & Pop in and Pay for Sunshine - Bring your laptop and ipad.

9/30 - Jeans Day for doing experiment in Science Lab

10/1 - Rangers Shirts and jeans

10/2 Fundraiser Kick-off During Fly Friday

10/2 Fuzzy Tacos for National Taco Day (Pay by Thursday so you will get your order)

10/2 Carson Carnival @5:30pm

10/2 Report Card Window Opens

10/5- Report Card Window Closes @ 5pm

10/7 - Candice Thompson/Owens Wedding Shower

10/8 - Report Cards/BOY Summary Sheet/Tutoring Letter/RtI Letter if needed

10/9 - National Chocolate Day

10/10- Fundraiser Forms Due

10/10- Grades 2-5 Unit Test Analysis Sheets Due

10/12- Student Holiday/Columbus Day/District PLC 8-10am/Parent Conferences 10-4pm



Change in date - 9/30 - Wear Jeans for conducting an experiment in the Science Lab within the last 2 weeks.

10/1 Rangers Shirts

Quizizz - Way to go Becky Lyles for trying this formative assessment in your class!

This formative assessment tool is much like Kahoot and will help inform you if your class/individuals are getting it! Unlike Kahoot, it takes out the element of answering quickly to get the most points thus forcing students to think more deeply and assure they are answering correctly. Ask Becky Lyles how she liked using this in her classroom. Below is a short tutorial on how to create the quiz or you can search already developed quizziz.
Creating a Quiz in Quizizz