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Quarter 3 Newsletter - 7th Edition


Panorama is an all-in-one data platform called the Student Success Platform that houses academic, behavior, attendance and social-emotional data. Panorama is the tool that was used for surveys of all our stakeholder groups. They provide a valid and reliable way to measure and improve student success and social-emotional learning in our district. Panorama also provides a Playbook of over 700 resources pertaining to academic, behavior, attendance and social-emotional learning.

All teachers and staff have access to Panorama. You can access the Student Success Platform through the following url:

You then click "sign in with Google." If you have any issues with your login, please contact Anne Blankenship.

The critical features of the Student Success include the following:

  • Guide Student Interventions - extensive library of approved, evidence-based strategies for academic, behavior and SEL
  • Progress Monitoring - manage Tier 2 and 3 intervention plans and monitor student progress
  • Holistic Data Review - quickly review student, group and school performance to make data-driven decisions

Login to the platform and begin to familiarize yourself. The more you navigate the platform, the faster you will learn. Resources have been linked to support you. It includes two Google Slides from Panorama with links to Zoom trainings that were held earlier this month. Feel free to review at your leisure to learn more about how to navigate the Student Success Platform.

Another way to ease yourself into Panorama is through the use of the Playbook. There are multiple filters to help you find a strategy that is best fit for your students.

Panorama is an incredible tool. It will take time to learn, but the impact it can make for our students will be great.

Introduction to Panorama Student Success
Panorama Academy

On-demand resources to support learning about Panorama

PBIS Podcast: How to De-escalate Student Behavior

Expert Instruction: The Teach by Design Podcast, listen to learn about de-escalating the behaviors you see in your school. Tier 1 supports that help you maintain calm in your classroom. As we know, behavior doesn't always stay in a calm place. Learn about what we can do when things inevitably get more agitated.

The podcast invites two authors of the recently published practice brief about the phases of de-escalation from The Center on PBIS, Ami Flammini and Brian Meyer...Dr. Kathleen Strickland-Cohen is back with too.

Grab something to take some notes, because this episode is full of strategies you're going to want to implement in your classrooms ASAP. Find out:
  • What causes behavior to escalate in the first place?
  • How does our adult behavior contribute to that escalation?
  • What can we do to help calm student behavior instead of ratchet it up?
  • How do you know when escalated behavior has reached a crisis level?
  • What are the ways to recover and repair relationships after a crisis event?
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After Holiday Reset: Tips from SEL4OH to Build Classroom Community After Winter Break

Some students and staff may welcome the opportunity to return to school after a long break. The school day can provide structure, routine, and opportunities to see friends and colleagues, but it can also be tough to make the trek back to school after a chance to spend time with family and friends. Regardless, coming back after a break gives teachers and students a chance to reset.

Check out this blog article from SEL4OH to help school staff reconnect with students of all age groups and support classroom culture and climate for the remainder of the school year!

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Consultant Corner - Adult SEL

Brandy Pledgure, MCESC SEL Consultant

To promote students’ social and emotional competence, it’s important for schools to foster a supportive staff environment that cultivates the social and emotional competence and capacity of the adults in the building.

"Adult SEL is the process of helping educators build their expertise and skills to lead social and emotional learning initiatives. It also involves cultivating adults’ own social and emotional competencies."

An Affordable Staff Stretch Break

As a reminder, you have the Reboot, Down Dog, Calm and Smiling Minds as SEL resources. Please contact me, if you would like additional information/resources or training on Adult SEL activities.

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