Elsie Doling

By: Molliey Mosley

Miss Elise Doling was born on October 30, 1893. Miss Elsie Doling was a second class person. She paid 23 pounds for her ticket. When Miss Elsie Doling got on the Titanic she 18 years old. Miss Elsie Doling was leaving from Southampton Hampshire, England her destination was New York City. Miss Elsie Doling was on the Titanic with her sister- in- law Mrs. Ada Julia Elizabeth Doling an Mr. Henry Price Hodges.

Miss Elsie Doling

A little bit about Miss Elsie Doling. Miss Elsie Doling married an Indian doctor named William Alban Hendricks on November 6, 1920 in Bombay, India. They had four children name John, Gerald St. Alban, Clara, and Elizabeth Mary. Miss Elsie Doling died March 3,1972.