A Chocolate for your Thoughts

An Icebreaker Activity


Take a few moments to get to know your group members. Share the following information:

  • Hometown
  • Current Position
  • Ed.D. Program where you are enrolled
  • All universities and colleges attended


Have one person gently shake one M&M out of his/her bag.

According to the color of the M&M, each individual will share a personal fact (See color key below.) Repeat until the facilitator calls time.

Red: Something you enjoy doing in your free time

Yellow: A fulfilling experience at work

Blue: A fact about your family

Green: A personal or professional accomplishment

Orange: Somewhere you have traveled or want to travel

Light Brown: The worst job you ever had or a awkward job experience

Dark Brown: The best job you ever had or an incredible job experience

Each M&M can be eaten after a fact is shared.

Wrap Up

With two to three minutes remaining, the facilitator will ask the members of the groups to come back together and share an interesting fact or connection they learned about one of their group members.

The facilitator will ask that each group share at least one interesting connection to or fact about another group member.