Dengue Fever

Mrs. Downes science project


I'm doing my research project on Dengue Fever. It is a mosquito borne disease. There is no cure as of today.

When you die does it stay in you?

No, when you die it dies with you. Some diseases like Ebola are not like that though. When you die with Ebola it stays in you and never dies. It also can't infect other people when they are burring you. If you have dengue fever you need to rest and not go outside. If you come in contact with more Dengue Fever your symptoms will worsen. You also need to get lots of liquid because you will most likely vomit a lot. If you do not get liquids you will fall dizzy and either die or come even worse than before.

Some pictures of Dengue Fever

Do you bleed internal?

Yes, but very rare does that happen though. You bleed in the gums and nose. The bleeding usually doesn't last long though. If you start bleeding and it won't stop go the the hospital. If you feel dizzy contact 911 so you don't get in an accident while driving. If you do not have a cell phone go to the nearest person and tell them. Internal bleeding is so dangerous because you usually don't know its happening. It also takes awhile to stop so you want to seek medical care right away so they can find out where its happening.

How does it spread?

Yes, it is spread by mosquitoes . When the mosquito bites a animal or human with Dengue fever it gives the mosquito it. Then the mosquito bites a lot of humans and infects them. They typically bite during the day, particularly in the early morning and in the evening. It can also spread by mosquitoes that die in water. The water then goes to people who drink and bath with it. They get sick after they drink and bath with it.


The best way of now is to spray your self with mosquito repellent. You can also put up a bug net when your sleeping so they can't get you. There is 6 vaccines in development only one is somewhat effective so far. There is no treatment available to shorten the course of dengue fever, DFH, or DSS. Medications can be given to lower the fever and to decrease the pain of muscle aches and headaches. Fluids are given through a needle in a vein to prevent dehydration. Blood transfusions may be necessary if severe hemorrhaging occurs. Oxygen should be administered to patients in shock.

What organs does it attack?

Dengue Fever attacks the liver, heart, and lungs. It makes the heart pump faster than usual causing it harder to run. Dengue Fever makes the lungs weak and makes it harder to breath. Dengue Fever also makes the liver weak which makes it very hard to make bile.

Pump it up/Tracking Dengue Fever

It was first said to come from Africa, it was first found by the Coast of Africa. It was also in the United States in Texas, and Hawaii. It is scary because it is easy to spread. It has been all over the world. It can infect the whole world in the matter of a month. The Dengue virus also contaminates water. The mosquitoes die in the water and then infect it. The water then is transmitted to other people to drink and bath.