March 25, 2015


Nothing at this time.


Nothing at this time.


Scores will be available the week of May 4-8, 2015


Summer Retest is scheduled for Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Georgia Milestones EOC

  • EOC Pre-Administration Training date changed to March 30th from 8:00-11:00 due to a scheduling conflict
  • EOC Examiner and Test Coordinator Manuals are posted in itslearning
  • (STC Course>Spring 15 Georgia Milestones EOC Folder>Manuals Folder)
  • We want ALL students taking the EOC test after course completion. However, for this year only, students who do not take the EOC course after course completion will not get an incomplete in the course due to the state waiver. Students in this situation should still be encouraged to take the EOC during a later test administration.

Georgia Milestones EOG

  • FCS Georgia Milestones End of Grade Practice Test was successful in the fact that it identified CTB issues, issues at some schools sites, but nothing system wide that was a FCS issue.
  • Julie Stearns is working on deleting the STA 2.0 and installing the STA 2.1. I will let you know when this is complete. Probably early next week.
  • EOG materials have arrived in the system and will be delivered to schools April 13th and 14th. We have pretty aqua colored boxes this more orange!
  • I had a few phone calls about MS students who are in one grade level but taking a course in a higher grade level. Students always test in the grade level they are enrolled (ex. 7th grade student taking an advanced 8th grade math course, he/she will take the 7th grade EOG).
  • The following has been posted to itslearning in the Spring 15 Georgia Milestones EOG Course:
  • EOG Examiner Training Webinar and PPT Part 1 (use for training or as a resource for your planning for training)
  • EOG Highlighted Examiner's Manual Webinar for Paper/Pencil and Online (use for training or as a resource for your planning for training)
  • EOG Paper/Pencil and Online Highlighted Examiner Manuals
  • TAS Training PPT CTB full version (for your reference)
  • TAS Training PPT FCS modified version (for your reference)
  • EOG and EOC Troubleshooting Guide for online testing (should be a hard copy of this in all classrooms where online testing is taking place)
  • EOG Parent Letter in English (other languages will be forthcoming)


  • I have posted the PPT of the webinar in the STC Course>GKIDS folder. There is no new information in this presentation. Please pass the PPT along to your kindergarten teachers as a reference. Please have your teachers confirm with you via email that they have received the PPT. When you have confirmation from all your teachers, send me an email confirmation that sharing the PPT has been done at your school. Thank you!


SLO Development Update

  • Please note the remaining 2015-2016 SLO builds for this year in the linked document

GAA "Alternate SLO" Pilot (include GAA & Pre-K Teams)

  • Please see the list of recommended teachers and responsibilities for the pilot in the linked document.

SLO Analysis-Thursday May 28th

  • Teachers who assisted in the building of SLOs for the 2014-2015 school year will be asked to return on May 28th to aid in the SLO Analysis and document revisions. Beth Kieffer will send an email to notify teachers and administrators.

FCS SLO Course in itslearning- Please remind teachers about the Table of Specifications for upcoming post-tests in the SLO Course, Table of Specifications (TOS) folder. The TOS outlines standards and question types so that teachers ensure they have covered the curriculum and rigor level for the upcoming SLO post-test.