We <3 Growth Hackers

You’re a Growth Hacking star? Come speak in Paris, the trip and accommodation are on us!

Paris is a great place for startups right now, the tech ecosystem is blooming. And yes, we had our first IPO for a long time with Criteo, we’re waiting for a Criteo Mafia now!

TheFamily and France Digitale have partnered to launch a monthly Growth Hacking meetup and it’s a success.

But we’ve got a problem: We don’t have any Growth Hacking stars in Paris.

We want to learn from the best. That could be YOU!

TheFamily is a startup accelerator located in Le Marais, you’ll love it! Plus, we have amazing food, great wine and really cool people :)

And if you’re planning a trip to Paris anyway, make sure to ping us! We’ll be more than happy to have you over for dinner! And also set up a meetup so you can share your Growth Hacking experience with the French startup community.

After “Midnight in Paris” I’m sure you’ll love “Growth Hacking in Paris” :)

Ping us! — hugo@thefamily.co

Growth Hacking in Paris, you'll love it!


TheFamily is an accelerator whose mission is to support early stage startups from [0] to [1] through education & unfair advantages.