3rd Grade Newsletter

Week of January 19 - 23

Students of the Week

Congratulations!! Next week's Students of the Week are:

Mrs. Bennett - Whitney Goodman

Mrs. O'Hare - Akhil Morusupalli

Mrs. Smittle - Laura Davila-Ciullo

Ms. De Santiago - Sasha Kenney

Mrs. Freeman - Reese Parker

Weekly Homework

Your child's homeroom teacher will send homework via e-mail in the weekly newsletter. The homework will also be on the 3rd Grade website.

Homework will be due every Thursday. Students do not have to print out the homework - they can simply turn in their notebook paper with the required math and reading portions. An example of he homework can also be found on the 3rd Grade Website.

3rd Grade Website: https://sites.google.com/a/friscoisd.org/nichols-3rd-grade/homework


The next week is a wonderful time to purchase your 2014-2015 Nichols yearbook if you have not done so already. After January 16th there will be limited quantities available. The price of the yearbook is now $25.00. There WILL NOT be a wait list for yearbooks this year, so be sure to purchase one now if you are interested.


3rd Grade Music Performance

You're invited to the 3rd grade performance!! Your student will be performing on February 3rd and will need to be in the gym by 6 P.M. sharp! They will need to be wearing red, pink, or white. No shorts allowed.

January's Counselor Corner

Click HERE to read the January Counselor's Corner

Bluebonnet Book Program - Due January 30th

"Texas Bluebonnet Award is a unique program that encourages reading for pleasure and is aimed at students in grades 3-6. Each year, 20 books are chosen as the “Texas Bluebonnet Award Master List” by the Texas Bluebonnet Award selection committee.

If students read a minimum of five books from the current master list (or have the books read aloud to them), they have the opportunity to vote for their favorite title during the month of January each year. The author of the book receiving the most votes statewide is declared the winner of the Texas Bluebonnet Award."

After each book that students read, they should fill out the form below. Once they have read and completed 5 forms, they can attend the Nichols Bluebonnet Celebration! The deadline for reading and completing the 5 books is Friday, January 30th.

Link: https://sites.google.com/a/friscoisd.org/nichols-library/bluebonnet-book-program

Curriculum News

Math - Equivalent Fractions with Number Lines

Reading - Biography and Autobiography

Writing - Generating Research Topics

Grammar - Subject-Verb Agreement

Science - Sun and the Water Cycle and Sun, Earth, and Moon Relationship
Spelling – 3rd Nine Weeks, List 1

Dates to Remember

January 19 - No School, Holiday

January 22 - Report Cards

January 30 - Bluebonnet Submission Due

February 20 - Six Flags Reading to Succeed Form Due