My Experiences in Sports

Jaasai Trujillo

My Question to you

Have you ever wanted to make the last winning goal or point for your team ? Because I want to do it in basketball because I alredy did in soccer and volley ball .

My goal in Soccer

have you ever play soccer ? I remmember when i scored the last wining goal , it was at my brothers game, cheeringhim on from the the bleacher'sas he tried to make a goal . 20 minutes into the game ,one of the other team's players stepped on one of our player's feet . It injured him so badly, that he couldn't walk . The subtistute was absent so the coach asked me to fill in.I was suprised and nervous because i had only played after a game, not during a game .I enterd the game.because I was the youngest player , the other players pushed me around .I passed the ball to my brother then I ran to the other side of the field then he passt it back to me . I felt so nevous , because I new I so close to the net. I kicked the ball whit all my effort and made the shot . I felt suprised and so excited at the moment.

volley ball

In volley ball , it was my first game . Our team was losing badly . the score of the first match was 20 - 5 . the next match we cheered.