Comparison of World religion

Chase Latham


- 2 Billion Followers.

- Monotheistic (Jesus)

- Holy book is Bible

- Leaders are Priests, Ministers, Monks, and Nuns.

- Believe there is only one god that rules over the people

and takes care of them.

- Jesus Christ was the son of God who was leader until the resurrection.

- It started because Jesus was sent here to lead followers into Salvation.

- Jesus told fisherman to pull up his nets and he he would have faith and plenty of fish, so the fisherman did and he had loads and loads of fish.

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- 820 Million Followers.

- Polytheistic (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva)

- No one founders.

- Not a center book just texts like the Vedas and the Puranas.

- Leaders are Guru, Holy Man, Brahmin Priests.

- The soul never dies it continually reborn.

- People achieve happiness and enlightenment after they free themselves from Earthly desires.

- Freedom from Earthly desires comes from a life time of worship.

- Started to give beliefs of people on India around 1500 BCE.

- The wish full filling tree, the story tells a tail of kids going under a wishing tree and wishing for what they wanted and getting the exact opposites of what they. Wish for. The kids learn as they get older to make more desirable wishes which backfire as well and then they make selfish wishes and those are granted and they are reborn.

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- 362 Million Followers

- There was none because the Buddha didn't teach personally.

- Founder was the Buddha.

- There is no book but sacred texts like, Dhammapada.

- Leaders are Buddhist monks and Priests.

- People achieve complete peace and happiness by eliminating their attachment to worldly things.

- Nirvana is reached by following the Eightfold:

-Right views; Right resolve; Right speech; Right conduct; Right livelihood; Right effort; Right mindfulness; Right concentration.

- It started because if Sidihartha Guatemala who was wanted by his father to shield from all suffering

- 6 Men touch an elephant and feel a different part, they takes and find they are in total disagreement.

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