Alexandria's Assessment

Security and Integrity Training 2019-2020


This training must be completed by each individual at the corporation or school level, including, but not limited to: administrators, teachers, paras, office staff, custodians, etc.

All Staff Test Security & Integrity Training

Please review the following:

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Assessment Roles and Responsibilities

  • IDOE Requirement: All staff must receive Test Security & Integrity Training - not just those who are involved in testing. This includes teachers, paraprofessionals, food service, custodians, office staff, etc. The only group excluded from this training is bus drivers.
  • IDOE Requirement: All staff must sign the Indiana Testing Security & Integrity Agreement. These include the same staff that are listed to receive the training. An electronic signature will be available at the end of this training to satisfy this requirement.
  • 2019-2020 Indiana Assessment Policies, Administration and Security Manual (previously the Indiana Assessment Program Manual) is available on the IDOE Assessment site and offers further guidance and information regarding state assessments.
  • Accommodation issues are the NUMBER 1 source of test irregularities and test invalidations according to IDOE. There will be extra emphasis placed on correct accommodation delivery at the school, district and state level. IDOE's Accessibility & Accommodation Guidance is available for those looking for additional information.

District Ethical Practice and Procedures

  • Purpose is the ensure testing integrity.

  • This applies to ALL Indiana assessments

  • Essential that all testing material is secure before, during, and after

    • Includes: manuals, assessment booklets, test tickets, answer sheets, practice tests, access codes, scratch paper

  • All school personnel is responsible for maintaining test security

  • Testing must be completed during the allowed testing window

  • Anything strange, report it.

  • If you do not know, please ASK. Do not assume anything

  • No secure testing materials should be reviewed, retained, reproduced, paraphrased, or discussed before, after, or during the testing window unless posted by DOE.


  • Before testing, use only DOE approved and released items to prep for testing.

  • Do not just narrow your curriculum to just teach to the test.

  • Teachers should give students a various item types and formats use on classroom assessments to ensure students knowledge of the question is assessed, not their test taking skills

  • You must read your manual before walking into your test session. If you have students with accommodations, be aware of those before testing also.

  • Collect secure items right before testing.


  • Test examiners must follow procedures in testing manuals: instructions, testing environment, scheduling and timing of testing. Failure to do so, can invalidate tests

  • You MUST follow accommodations for an IEP, 504, EL plans.

  • Provide an appropriate room: make sure kids have seats, place to work, and cover educational posters.

  • You can only read what the manual indicated you should read.

  • School personnel must ONLY read the directions, they may NOT help, point out answers, alert students to the correct answer, etc.

  • Do not answer questions about testing items, you can only reread directions which are indicated in the manual.

  • If you take a break, all testing material needs to be secure

  • You MUST monitor your testing session.


    • DO NOT GRADE PAPERS (or concentrate on any other tasks)

  • You must ensure that all students:

    • Follow instructions

    • respond on the appropriate place in their answer sheet

    • Do not exchange answers


    • Ensure that all appropriate staff have access to and knowledge of the Code of Ethical Practices & Procedures and understand how to secure, administer, and handle the assessments while in their possession.
    • Ensure that all appropriate staff receives test administration training and review test security training prior to testing.
    • Ensure staff members who will provide students with testing accommodations are familiar with each student’s individual accommodation needs as per the student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP), Individual Learning Plan (ILP), Section 504 Plan, and/or nonpublic school Service Plan prior to testing.
    • Ensure staff members who will provide students with testing accommodations receive focused training on providing such accommodations prior to testing.
    • Define and clearly communicate at least once annually for all appropriate staff how staff implementation of test administration and test security standards and procedures will be monitored by school administrators.
    • Define and clearly communicate at least once annually for all appropriate staff all security procedures established for each assessment.
    • Provide any other information and professional development necessary to ensure that all appropriate staff have the knowledge and skills necessary to make ethical decisions related to preparing students for an assessment, administering the assessment, and interpreting the results from assessment.
    • Establish a testing schedule.
    • Establish an access policy for test materials that allows only appropriate staff to have access to test administration manuals prior to the administration of the test, but prohibits the reviewing of any secure test questions before, during, or after the assessment administration.
    • Establish a process that ensures all student assessments are secure when they are not being administered.
    • Establish procedures for reviewing practices and materials used in the entity to prepare students for assessments, and communicating these procedures at least once annually to all appropriate staff.
    • Annually review school materials and practices related to preparing students for assessments. The description must include an explanation regarding how the school corporation will ensure test preparation materials used by school staff are appropriate and do not violate test security protocols.
    • Monitor testing to ensure staff are administering assessments with fidelity in terms of test administration and test security protocols/procedures and that staff are appropriately providing students with accommodations included in their IEPs, ILPs, Section 504 Plans, or Service Plans.
    • Provide channels of communication that allow teachers, administrators, students, parents, and other community members to voice their concerns about testing practices they consider inappropriate (see the Testing Concerns and Security Violations Report form in Appendix C).
    • Establish procedures for investigating any complaint, allegation, or concern about inappropriate testing practices, and ensuring the protection of both the rights of individuals and of the integrity of the assessment.
      • Any complaint, allegation or concern regarding inappropriate testing practices must be reported to the CTC. The CTC will investigate or designate the appropriate STC or administrator to investigate to determine if further action is needed.
    • Investigate any complaint of inappropriate testing practices or testing irregularities according to the Protocol for Reporting and Investigating Alleged Breaches or Irregularities as established and published pursuant to 511 IAC 5-5-4 (see Appendix A).
      • Any complaint alleging cheating or a security breach, testing administration breach, an intellectual property right infringement, or any breach that undermines the integrity and/or inhibits the effectiveness of Indiana’s assessments, including, but not limited to, ILEARN, ISTEP+, IREAD-3, I AM, and End of Course Assessments shall be immediately reported to the CTC and Indiana Department of Education (“Department”) by completion of the Testing Irregularity Report by the STC forwarded to the CTC for signature before being faxed to the IDOE.
  • Alexandria's District Test Security Policy

    Receiving tests:

    • Secure testing items will be delivered to Central Office by testing company

    • At central office, the boxes we received will be counted to ensure all boxes have arrived.

      • If there is a discrepancy between boxes received the CTC will contact appropriate testing company.

    • Secure items will be delivered to the CTC’s office.

    • CTC will count booklets to ensure all are received.

      • If there is a discrepancy between books received and packing slip the CTC will contact appropriate testing company.

    • CTC with STCs help will create Testing Folders.

      • This includes: Sign in/out sheet, group rosters, online procedures, schedule, attendance sheet, test tickets, and Testing Irregularity Sheet.

    • CTC will distribute booklets and folders to STCs which will place items in a secure locked environment.

      • Junior/High School: Tech office - in server room

      • Intermediate School: Back office - between Mark and Brenda office

    • STCs will distribute booklets and folders to appropriate teachers during the testing window.

    Distributing tests:

    • CTC or STCs will have a sign out/in document on the testing folder.

    • Teachers must sign in/out test from the appropriate office before and after each testing session.

      • Junior/High School: Tech office - in server room

    • Intermediate School: Back office

    Returning tests:

    • Tests must be returned immediately after testing session to the secure location.

    • If test is not returned in a timely manner, CTC or STCs will investigate where test is located, and return test to secure area.

    Returning tests to Testing Company:

    • STC will ensure all test booklets and folders are returned.

      • Collect all booklets

      • Count all booklets

      • Pack appropriate items in boxes

      • Leave boxes open and untaped

      • Return open untaped boxes to CTC.

    • CTC will receive open boxes from STC and will double check and ensure all items listed are accounted for.

    • CTC will bring testing materials in boxes to Central Office, which will be recounted and checked again before taping and mailing appropriate testing company.

    CTC and STCS 2019-2020

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    2019-2020 Test Security and Integrity Agreement Sign off

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