The Boy Who Saved Baseball

Rylee Gorter


Believe in yourself.


She is Tom's crush. She also likes Tom. She is Rachel's sister. She played softball and was a very good pitcher.She picthed underhand the first six innings then she got hit hard in the shin by a ball that bounced off the ground. If she didn't get hit Tom wouldn't have been able to pitch. She is very outgoing and she stands up for what she believes in.

The Hero

I think Tom was considered a hero at the end. When he hit the major league pop up the outfielders could not catch the ball. They were tripping over each other and they couldn't see the ball. He was also a hero when he saw the will in the back of his journel.

Tom grew in a possitive way. He became way better at baseball and he became way more confident in himself.


I think the most exciting part is when Cruz and Tom go to see Dante Del Gato, the grumpy old baseball player. Cruz acted like he was'nt scared, but I think he was. You could tell Tom was really scared. Tom was also confused when Dante asked how his mother was doing.