Social Network

True identity of social Networks

Social networks can have advantages but also ... drawback !

You are maybe all on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype,.... This social networks invade your life and you allow to share videos, to coment status or even to like pictures.

But do you really know these websites of which their give you free access to your identity ?

A little History !

- Since the first e-mail sent in 1971 by American researchers in the Seventies to the most modern sites like Pinterest, the history of Internet is mixed with those with the men.

- In 1994, a student, Justin Hall launches his site Justin' S Links from the Underground to connect it self to the external world. Hall published on it's blog during 11 years and is recognized like the founding father of the personal blogs.

- In 1995, the Classmates network made it possible American to find their former schoolmates, the ancestor of Buddies of Before to some extent.

- In 1998, Open Diary makes it possible to its users to publish their online news in a public or private way without having knowledge HTML.

- In 2000, Wikipedia makes its appearance and publishes 20,000 articles as of the first year.

- In 2001, is a site of division of interests and passion.

- In 2002, the Friendster social network is the first site to reach a million users.

- In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg launches since his room of student of Harvard.
The same year, the team of Flickr launches her site of division of photographs.

- In 2005, in fact the videos are with the honor with the launching of YouTube.

- Since 2006, we took the practice to write in 140 characters with Twitter.
For information, Twitter generates more than 4000 tweets a second

Here some figures :

32% of planet are connected to Internet and 20% of planet use the social Networks.

Below, there is a diagram which represent ,in red , people who are registered on 1 social networks and ,in pink , people who are registered on at least 4 social networks.

Personal anecdotes

Some people were victim of harassing , some even told it, to denounce this cyberbulling :

7 grade stinks!

"Elementary school was pretty cool... I loved it! Then in the same school I went to middle school and that's when everything was horrible! In 6 grade I was bullied two times a year by spreading rumors and harassing and physical.... But 7 grade is hell... ! So many people are mean to me ... And i hate it ! Especially cyber bulling ... This boy posted a status about me and like 10 people liked it! Including my crush... I was devastated... And still am... I told my parents , they said they'll tell the administrator but I'm terrified! Anyways. I've learned to realize they're just jealous and that people that win a lot of stuff and have a lot of going for them like the song 'mean' by Taylor swift who was also bullied in school... :( "—Guest Stephy


I've been cyber bullied from a few girls. And they sent me facebook messages, saying im ugly....and im stupid...and i dont deserve to live. but one day i went up to them and said "I am not ugly i am beautiful and im not stupid im just equally smart. aand i do deserve to live, why do you get to pick if i should die or live? your not god. your just a girls who think your all that and really your not. so leave me alone..and get a life, and start making your own, cause clearly if you keep talking about me, and facebooking me, clearly means you have no life." so i stood up to them:) they didnt say anything i dont think, but i walked away before they could say a word cause i dont give a sh** what they think anymore,. this is my life, and ima do what i wanna do. im not here to impress no one. So just stick up to your bullys and not care what they think.—Guest Nanella :)
Cyber Bullying Virus