Adolf Hitler


Adolf Hitler, born on April 20, 1889, is 56 years old. The fourth in a group of 6 children, Hitler was born to parents Alois Hitler and Klara Polzl. Said to have been a rather effeminate and dreamy child, Adolf clashed heavily with his father who believed more in business than in the arts. Though he was born in Austria, Hitler and his family moved to Germany when the boy was only three. This, in turn, developed his sense of German nationalism that has so fueled his tirade.

As a young adult, it seemed that Hitler's future carried inevitable failure. Making his money selling mediocre watercolors for a time, when the opportunity presented itself, Hitler automatically enlisted in the German army for World War I. After it's end, Hitler became very involved with the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or the "Nazi" party. Soon enough, his influential speaking and contributions to the party paid off. He was elected president of the party in 1921. This leadership, however, was not enough for the ambitious man. In 1932, Hitler ran for the German Presidency, and though he lost the election, he was given the position of chancellor. He used this power to gain control of a large part of the German government. He made himself into a dictator, and has been doing all that he can to make Germany a "better place", though his version of a better place tends to be one of a singularly Aryan race. This means the extermination of millions of people, which he has done.

Central Beliefs

  1. German Nationalism
  2. Antisemitism
  3. The superiority of the Aryan race
  4. His authority
  5. The Third Reich

Reasons Why Wanted

  1. He has instigated the genocide of the Jewish race along with the mass murder of any other people he believes to be "below him" .
  2. In his time as chancellor of Germany, Hitler has has launched the country into many wars with a multitude of other nations, thereby putting his people at risk.
  3. He and his destructive Third Reich are believed to be a threat to all other nations and their inhabitants.
  4. His thirst for power is unquenchable and never-ending, and his future plans regarding the Americas are unknown.
  5. The people in Germany cannot defeat him alone, for so many are already on his side. Therefore, it is our duty to help.