Sweet Treats/Hall Sports

What is Sweet Treats?

Sweet treats is an elective where you learn how to make indulging confectionary yourself. It also teaches you the importance of being careful with food but at the sametime it still is fun and enjoyable.

What is Hall Sports?

Hall Sports is a physical activities based elective where you play activities like dodge ball,nucombeball and etc. It is a great way to have some fun with your friends and just have a laugh.

What skills do you get out of Sweet Treats?

In Sweet treats the skills you gain are mostly within cooking because you are learning about preparing the food and how to cook it. Another skill that you gain is around personal interests because you adding your own twist to the food like the color or the shape of the food(confectionery).

What Skills do you get out of Hall Sports?

The skills you gain in hall sports are getting your heart pumping and getting a bit of a sweet on. It also might show you new games/activities you haven't heard about.

Personal Experience

Sweet Treats

In Sweet treats i made some yummy chocolate frogs which were my favourites, we also made some fruit pies and lemon-honey.


The best part was making the fruit pies because we got to make our own dough and they were Delicious too.


My lowlight was missing two sessions of sweet treats because of being sick and having interviews.

Personal Experience

Hall Sports

In hall sports I had so much fun playing all these different games with my friends. My favourite game we played was dodge ball because it is very fast game.


My highlight was playing with people I didn't know and working together in the games.


My lowlight is not being able to be there for more games.


To conclude that sweet treats and hall sports are great electives and I would recommend them to anyone because they are loads of fun and you learn new things. I rate both electives a 9/10.

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By Blake Speer