Field Trips

Dart Shooter Youth

Marta & Cascade Skating Rink

Thursday, March 10th, 9:15am-5pm

Sandy Springs, GA, United States and Matin Luther King jr. Rd.

Sandy Springs, GA

*riding train(not Bus)*

Skating Rink

*Must have socks*

The Atlanta Ballet(3-8 girls only) *Boys if necessary*-Skyzone(3-8 Boys only)

Friday, March 11th, 8am-4:45pm

Atlanta, GA, United States and Suwanee

Atlanta, GA

*Girls must have ballet uniform and pointe shoes*

*Boys if does ballet: must have white tee, tights(white or black), socks and slippers(White or Black).*

Sky zone: Must have Socks in order to get in the area*