The Mobile Classroom

Apps that you can use to keep your class mobile

Journal Jar

This app can be used in your Language Art's class during perhaps free writing time. Students can use their mobile device to give them writing prompts.

Here is a link to a youtube video that shows you how to use this awesome app!

Poll Everywhere

I know this app has already been used a lot in our EDIT class, but I think it is definitely a tool that needs to be highlighted here. Poll everywhere is a great app as it gives ALL students the opportunity to be engaged and participate in content. For those students who are shy, poll everywhere gives them a chance to state their opinion without having to put their hand up in front of the whole class. For those students who struggle to stay engaged in class, the addition of a mobile app may increase their attention span. It is also extremely easy to use so they can use it in their own future class presentations.


Quizlet is an app I have started using in University for studying, but I know it would benefit students of all ages. Quizlet is a study app that makes it easy to create cue-cards for students to review concepts. I think an area students struggle in these days is knowing how to study. Quizlet makes it easy for the 21st century student to study through the integration of technology.

Number Pieces

I always struggled with understanding math concepts in Elementary school. I was very much so a kinaesthetic learner, so I benefited from using manipulatives such as base ten blocks. The issue with this, was the manipulatives I needed to be successful weren't always around. If i was practicing place value, decimals, etc at home, I struggled. If I was in math class, but another class had the base ten blocks, I struggled. Using the Number Pieces app will prevent that from happening to any students in the tech-wavy classroom. This app supplies students with an endless number of base ten blocks. They can learn basic place value, model how to add decimals, and so on. Children are also able to write all over the screen to show evidence of their learning.

Decible Machine

I used this application in my grade 3 science classroom. It is an app that both students and teacher can use to test the amount of decibels in certain sound waves. This app can help their science curriculum enter the real world. It brings student and curriculum together.