Survival Guide for Everglades

Harley Coghlan

Climate and Temperature

The climate is about 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The range is 90 also. The high in the everglades is 90 degrees. The low is about 65 degrees. It will get cold at night.

Animals in the Everglades

There are many animals there. For example there are Alligators, many types of birds and lots of mosquitoes. A way to stop the mosquitoes is to put mud on you skin. Alligators are helpful because they can leave the prey that they were eating. Also I could eat the Alligator if I can kill it first. It can also be harmful because it could kill and eat me. Yes it is dangerous.

Plants in the Everglades

There are lots of plant in the Everglades. There are Cattail, Bazillion pepper and Black Mangrove. Cattail can be help because it can help make a fire. Yes it is edible but I would only eat the steam after I cook it. It also can be harmful because deadly animals can hide in a batch of them. It is not poisonous.

Survival Tips

Some tips are put mud on your skin to make it harder for the mosquitoes to bit you. Make a fire at night. Make a shelter when possible. Try to get food and water. Stay away for Alligators. That's all.

Florida Everglades