Hulk Hero's Journey

The Avengers

The Ordinary World

When you first see Dr. Banner (Hulk), he's a doctor somewhere in India. He's been hiding from SHIELD and is trying not to change into the Hulk by being in a calm environment.

The Call to Adventure

Black Widow is sent to get Dr. Banner and ask for his help to find the Tesseract because Loki has stole it. She pays a little girl to go get Banner claiming that her father is very sick and lead him straight to Black Widow.

Refusal of the Call

Black Widow tells Dr. Banner about the Tesseract and what has happened. Dr. Banner doesn't really want to be a part of it and says "and what if the other guy doesn't want to?" -the other guy meaning The Hulk-.

Accepting the Call

Finally Dr. Banner agrees to help SHIELD find the Tesseract and to help save the world in anyway he can.

Entering the Unknown

He arrives on SHIELD's base, an airship. He doesn't really know what to do and you can tell that he's a little bit nervous and doesn't know what to really do.

Supernatural Aid or Mentor

In the movie they didn't really have a mentor/supernatural aid for Banner or Hulk. But when he first arrives on the ship he gets along really well with Tony Stark (Iron Man) and he also is with him in the lab and helps him uncover the fact that SHIELD was going to use the Tesseract for weapons.

Talisman or Weapon

He doesn't have a talisman or weapon but he's the Hulk so I guess that the Hulk and his fists could probably be his weapon.

Allies or Helpers

His allies and helpers are SHIELD and all of the Avengers (Black Widow, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America)


Loki gets captured and goes onto the airship and tries to get Dr. Banner to change in the Hulk so that he'll tear the airship apart. Dr. Banner tries to fight the Hulk but he eventually takes over and starts attacking Black Widow and then Thor.

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The Supreme Ordeal

Meets up with the other Avengers and agrees to help them take down Loki and get rid of all the aliens. He ends up beating Loki and saving Iron Man (went he falls back down to Earth).

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Reward and Journey Home

People love the Avengers for saving their lives and the Earth from the aliens. Dr. Banner finally gets to go back home and live his life again.

Restoring the World

The world finally goes back to normal and all of the aliens are defeated and the Tesseract and Loki both return to Asgard so that something like this won't ever happen again.