French settlement

Priest and nuns

Who They are the people Tat tell bibles in church.

What They tell bibles in church.

When They came in between 1604-1759


what They are travelers that engaged in the transformation of furs by canoe during the fur trade years.

Who they are travelers.

When They did it in the fur trading years.

Filies du roi

Who She is a un married woman.

When She came to new France in 1663-1673.

Where she was In New France.

When did the French first arrive?

The French first arrived in the 16 to 19 centry

Why did the French come to canada?

The French came to Canada because the wanted goods and trades.

Where was the first French pernament settlement?

The first permanent settlement is in englind.


Who: French,British,Canadians were in Canada in the late 15th century.

What:The English were under British rule.

Where: They were under control at the united kingdom in the 18th century.

When: They were under control in the 18th century


They made it in louisbourg because they doubt it for no war also they made it because it was big and cool. Ashish


The Frenchmen, officers , and man of the colonial regular troops came first with some officials of the colonial service and then fisher man from new foundland and some merchants joined them . Harman


They built the fotrest of Louisbourg . Harman


They built it in Louisbourg. Ashish


They built it in 1713. Ashish
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The French Explorers The Beginnings of French Exploration and Settlement in North America 1490 156