Texas Revolution

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Battle of San Jacinto

Thursday, April 21st 1836 at 12am

La Porte, TX, United States

La Porte, TX

A battle led by Sam Houston to engage the Texian Army to defeat Santa Anna for their land back form him. the battle of San Jacinto lasted only 20 minutes

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Battle of Gonzales

Friday, Oct. 2nd 1835 at 12am

Gonzales, TX, United States

Gonzales, TX

on October 2, 1835,the tension between Texas and mexico has greatly increase.the tension between the two has grown so much that it started to turn into violence. the Mexican soldiers even trued to disarm people from Gonzales. the texans became very upset to what happen and declared war.the war lasted form half a year, but the texans won independence from mexico.

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Battle of Coleto creek

Saturday, March 19th 1836 at 12am

Goliad County, TX, United States


colonel Fannin walked with 400 soldiers for the war after the fall of the Alamo. the Texans surrendered in belief that the would be treated as prisoners. Santa Anna order his men to massacre everyone in Texas for what they did. Urrea sighed a contract to keep the Texans in the persidios an extra day. the intensity of the battle had produced heroism on both sides.

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Battle of Nacogdoches

Thursday, Aug. 2nd 1832 at 12am

Nacogdoches, TX, United States

Nacogdoches, TX

  1. The battle of Nacogdoches, sometimes called the opening gun of theTexas Revolution, occurred on August 2, 1832, when a group of Texassettlers defied an order by Col. José de las Piedras, commander of the Mexican Twelfth Permanent Battalion at Nacogdoches, to surrender their arms to him.

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Fredonian rebellion

Thursday, Dec. 21st 1826 at 12am

Nacogdoches, TX, United States

Nacogdoches, TX

  1. The Fredonian Rebellion was the first attempt by Anglo settlers in Texas to secede from Mexico. The settlers, led by Empresario Haden Edwards, declared independence from Mexican Texas and created the Republic of Fredonia near Nacogdoches.

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battle of velasco

Monday, June 25th 1832 at 12am

Surfside Beach, TX, United States

Surfside Beach, TX

The battle of velasco was the first true military battle between mexico and settlers of Texas. the battle started when the texans attacked fort velasco.

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