Earth's travel guide

Earth's natural features

Three way human have regionalized the earth

hemispheres divide the north south east and west. The equator and prime meridian are the lines that separate each one even though the the lines are not there.Time zones are another way human divide the planet.A third way humans divide is continents, they are the different peace's of land.

Natural features of planet

There are a lot of different so i just am going to tell you three Atlantic ocean ,amazon rain forest ,and volcanoe

challenges that natural features can bring

Different natural features can bring different challenges that can stop us or block us from doing things. EX: ocean can bring tsunami from a under water earth quake .

opportunities that natural features can bring.

Different natural features can bring different opportunities that can help us with different things. Ex: oceans can also help us travel and recreation.

Travel tips

Atlantic ocean,Amazon rain forest,volcano

  • You will need a boat to float over the ocean
  • look out for shark ( eat meat and mistake a lot of things for other food.
  • don't touch jelly fish they glow and are deep under water
  • look for snakes they will bite you and some can poison you
  • try to stay away from alligator, large jaws and green
  • lava can burn you if you are touched by it.
  • tsunami can drown you with giant waves that repeat

Packing list

Atlantic ocean,Amazon rain forest,volcano

  • something that can float over water
  • diving gear or helmet to breath under water
  • some sort of weapon
  • food
  • clothes if had
  • something to travel in

Places to visit on the trip

grand canyons, mackinaw ,and new York is full of people