Husky Parent News Flash

September 17 - 21 , 2018

HMS WIG (Wildly Important Goal)

Hughes will increase scores in all areas, grade levels, and subjects by 5 percentage points.

Homecoming Spirit Days

Hughes Middle School will be participating in dress up days in support of Burleson High School's homecoming. Below are the themes for each day.

****Students may wear jeans if it is obvious they are participating in the theme of the day

****Students may also wear mums on Friday.

9/17: Rock N Roll into a win Monday – wear your favorite rock band / concert tee

9/18: Out Smart the Bulldogs" Tuesday – Dress like a nerd

9/19: Neon Wednesday – dress in neon attire

9/20: Throwback Thursday – dress in style of your favorite decade OR like a senior citizen

9/21: Elks R Outta this World Friday – dress spaced themed OR in Elk Spirit wear

Map testing Days and Parent Information

Math - Tuesday, September 17

Reading - Tuesday, September 18

Science - Tuesday, September 25

Creating a personal learning journey

We know that children learn better—and faster—when teachers have a clear picture of what each student knows and what they are ready to learn next.

That’s why our assessments react to each student’s answers. In the testing world, this makes our tests “adaptive,” or personalized to measure the needs of every student.

  • If your child answers a question correctly, the test follows up with a more challenging question.
  • If your child answers incorrectly, the test follows up with an easier question.

Adaptive tests make it possible for teachers to pinpoint what each child needs in order to learn best. At NWEA™ we help teachers understand your student’s unique learning needs—because every student matters.

Mindful - The Hughes Way

Here at Hughes, we want to promote positive relationships between teachers and students. That means that teachers promise to be Positive, Professional and Proactive. Students promise to be Honorable, Mindful and Successful.

What does it mean for a student to be mindful?

During arrival and dismissal times, students will enter or leave the school in a safe manner.

In the classroom, students will power down cell phones and put them away. Students will use appropriate language and a friendly tone when speaking to teachers or other students.

In the hallway, students will use appropriate language and volume. In the cafeteria and the restrooms, students will clean up after themselves and throw away all trash.

Students will use kind words and actions with other students and teachers at all times.

Success Parties

The link below shows the criteria for students to participate in our Success Parties. Please review the guidelines and come enjoy some fun!

Dress Code Issues

There are several areas of our BISD dress code which need to be addressed. Here are the concerns:

-students are wearing tank tops underneath jackets

-note below that the shirt under a jacket MUST be within the guidelines

-hoodies, sweatshirts, pullover MUST be solid in color

Please review the guidelines below. On Monday, September 24th, we will begin having dress code checks. Students out of dress code will be asked to correct the dress code issue. If unable to correct, they will be provided with a clothing item. Repeat occurrences could/will result in further disciplinary action as stated in the dress code guidelines below.

The standardized dress guidelines are established to teach grooming and hygiene, instill discipline, prevent disruption, avoid safety hazards, and teach respect for authority. The student and parent may determine the student’s personal dress and grooming standards, provided that they comply with the following:

Long or short sleeved polo shirts in any solid color. No logos or labels.

 Long or short sleeved button down (oxford) shirts in any solid color. No logos or labels.

 Navy, khaki, or black Docker-style pants (no denim, jean styles, corduroy, painter/cargo, or knit stretch). Pants must fit at the waist and have no holes. Cuffs on pants are acceptable. No logos or labels.

 Navy, khaki, or black shorts, skorts, skirts, or Capri pants, knee-length or longer (no denim, jean styles, corduroy, painter/cargo, or knit stretch). Clothing must fit at the waist and have no holes. Cuffs on clothing are acceptable. No logos or labels.

 No leggings.

 Appropriate undergarments shall be worn at all times. Exposure of undergarments for both male and female is unacceptable.

 All students shall wear shoes. House shoes, shoes with rollers, and/or cleated shoes are not appropriate.

 Socks are not standardized. Any color or style may be worn.

 Belts are not required.

Sweaters, sweatshirts, pullover vests, lightweight jackets, and hoodies are permitted in solid colors. Students must be in standardized dress under these items of clothing.

No logos or labels, except for Hughes/Kerr/STEAM logos.

 Hughes/Kerr/STEAM spirit shirts may be worn any day. Shirts may be purchased from Hughes/Kerr/STEAM or from a local vendor; however, shirts may not be homemade.

 Hats, caps, doo-rags, and any other head covering shall not be worn in the building. Any head coverings used for the purpose of weather shall be removed before the student enters the building and placed in his/her locker or backpack.

 Piercings – ears only, boys and girls.

 Jewelry and/or accessories determined by the principal to be dangerous shall not be worn.  Hair styles (cut and color) which cause disruption of or interference with normal school operations are considered inappropriate.

 Tattoos that are deemed distracting or gang-related by the principal must be covered at all times.

 Other items considered inappropriate for school include the following:

o Make-up on males, including nail polish

o Facial painting

o Chains or wallets on chains

o Any gang-related item such as, bandanas, or other symbols, emblems, or insignia.

Students are held to the Standardized Dress Guidelines while riding in school buses or any other district vehicles, as well as, all district/school functions, unless allowed otherwise by the principal.

If the principal determines that a student’s grooming or clothing violates the standardized dress guidelines, the student will be given an opportunity to correct the problem at school. If not corrected, the student may be assigned to in-school suspension for the remainder of the day, until the problem is corrected, or until a parent or designee brings an acceptable change of clothing to the school.

Repeated offenses may result in disciplinary action in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct

H-E-B Excellence in Education Awards:

Nominate a teacher, principal, district or school board here. You only submit nominee contact information, as H-E-B contacts your nominee with a form to complete. More information is available here. Happy nominating!

Fall 2018 Voter Registration Drive- Josh Hofford

September 24th will kickoff the Fall 2018 Voter Registration Drive in Burleson ISD for eligible students 18 years old (or at least 17 years and 10 months old.)

High School principals, or their appointed designated registrar, will make voter registration available to eligible students and mail the Voter Registration Applications by October 1 to be received by the October 9 deadline.

Please remind eligible students that a driver's license or a state issued identification card number is needed for voter registration.

Refer to the High School Deputy Registrar Program Guide for more details and order Voter Registration Applications for your campus through the High School Voter Registration Applications portal.

Title 1 Parent Compacts Due

Please return the parent compact sent home several weeks ago to your child's Pack teacher.

Hughes Spirit Dress Up Days

Spirit Days:

September 11 “Beat the Yellow Jackets” Wear Red, White and Blue (Patriotic)

September 18 “Out Smart the Bulldogs” Dress like a nerd

September 25 “Make the Pirates Walk the Plank” Wear a Hawaiian shirt

October 2 “Give the Yellow Jackets the Boot” Wear your western gear

October 9 “Hunt the Bearcats” Wear Camo

October 16 “Kick the Roos Outta Here” Wear your favorite football team

October 25 “Pink Out” Wear Pink

October 30 “Make the Pirates See Double” Twin Day

November 5 “Beat the Cougars” Wear Red

November 6 “There’s Only One Hero in this Town” Superhero Day

18-19 Yearbooks

Yearbooks are now on sale at for $40. When you go to the website you can either put in our school name, Hughes Middle School, or you can put in the order number, 16801. That will get you to where our yearbook is sold.

You can also order over the phone at 866-287-3096 or order by mail to Herff Jones Yearbook Order Center PO Box 29 Edwardsville, KS 66113.

All checks need to be made out to Herff Jones. NO orders will be taken at school. Please order your yearbook now because last year we sold out. The last day to order a yearbook is April 20th. Get your yearbooks while you can!

8th Grade Yearbook Ads for Sale


The time has come to start creating your 8th grade ads to go in the yearbook for you student. If you would like to purchase an ad the prices are as follows: 1/8 of a page $25, 1/4 of a page $37, 1/2 of a page $80, Full Page $150. All ads are due by January 31, 2019. You need to create these ads through the web site. Order your ads today!!


9/17: Map testing - Math

9/17: Washington DC parent info meeting 6:30pm

9/18: Map testing - Reading

9/18: 7th Football @ Everman Baxter

9/18: 8th Football vs Everman Baxter

9/20: Volleyball @ Aledo

9/21: 8th grade pre-grame Homecoming party

9/22: Volleyball tournament Crowley - TBA

9/25: Map testing - Science

9/25: 7th Football vs Granbury Acton

9/25: 8th Football @ Granbury Acton

9/27: Volleyball @ Cleburne Wheat

9/29: Cross Country @ the Athletic Performance Ranch Fort Worth 7:30am

9/29: Choir Region Camp @ Kerr 9am - 12pm