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It can be uncomfortable and tough talking to your teenage daughter or son about the topics of sex or drugs and alcohol, never mind the easier ones such as homework, school attendance and friends. But, being an askable parent, and having positive conversations with your children, can give you the chance to guide them towards making responsible decisions in their lives.

Below are some good tips and resources for parents and teens.
tough conversations with teens

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now what do I do?

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These short videos demonstrate how parents might handle various issues with teenagers.

you might want to check out the March 10 twitter chat below on raising teenage girls...

specifically for teens below

for teens - talking to your family

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Hey Sigmund is always a good site to check out!

How to help your teen with time management - Milestones from GreatSchools

if you are worried about your teen, below is a good site.

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pinterest for teens

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