Weekly Data News

if your data don't look weird you're not looking hard enough

BI & Business Analysts

Business Intelligence Hires

  • Front-end : Ariel currently negotiating consulting fee for Thierry Lau (SFEIR)
  • Backend : Jonathan is still waiting a go/no go from us...

Night Watch

  • Clémence has straightened the process
  • Should be able to start sending daily update with clear weather icons next week
  • Good team management from her


This week all H1 reviews, next week all H2 objectives


Clémence has created a BA JIRA board - Arnaud Lapierre was really helpful on this as he experienced similar needs with India

Data Management and Machine Learning


  • Worked on trainings stats for Clémentine. Still too slow computations. Looking for improvements


  • No report received due to Xtreme MakeOver



My Visits

  • Wireframe done by marketing : too complex. Ongoing simplification.
  • Discussing alternate roll out strategy with Mohcine/Mathias = put current Viadeo Inside on a diet and start sending out our new version of My Visits in parallel.
  • perf testing : 500K emails/hour/Critsend server (very good)

Next : bootstrap onboarding emails

The Teams

Business Intelligence & Business Analysts

  • Clémence Desneiges - Manager of Business Intelligence
  • Clémentine Blanchon - Business Analyst B2B
  • Julie Buire - Business Analyst B2C Growth
  • Frédéric Chancholle - Business Analyst B2C Love
  • Kristine Romero - Business Analyst Marketing and B2C Money
  • Pierre-Emmanuel Servant - Business Analyst Search (San Francisco)

Data Management & Machine Learning

  • Eugen Cepoi - Software Architect
  • Arnaud de Myttenaere - PhD Candidate
  • Julie Séguéla - Data Management Expert


  • Julien Bille - Data Platform Engineer
  • Jean-Luc Canela - Tech Lead
  • Mathieu Chataigner - Data Platform Engineer
  • Iñigo Mediavilla - Web Development Engineer