#WVedchat Voxer Group

If 140 characters aren't enough for you!

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Voxer allows user to communicate in a closed group through voice, text, images and links. It's pretty easy to use and notifications can be tailored to fit your preferences. Voxer works on the web or with a smartphone via the free app. I understand that this effort to continue the learning, sharing, and growing with our community of leaders may not appeal to everyone. However, it will provide a space for those of us who may feel restricted by 140 characters. It's a great space to continue or even deepen the conversations that occur during our biweekly chats. I believe this may also extend the community to those who are unable to join our chats due to conflicts with the time and date. We are stronger together than we are alone. See the link below if you download the app and create an account. I need your handle to add you to the group I created.
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