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MB30 means Millionaire By 30. But MB30 is a program now going on with XanGo. XanGo is this huge company that sells good natural products that you could use in everyday life. See with XanGo I've been working on this stuff since I was about 5 yrs of age. I got my friends parents to sign under my mom and stuff. So I'm very familiar with XanGo products. They actually work!!! What I love about XanGo products they make you healthier. Including their main prime time drink XanGo. It actually helps you get better when your sick, it actually made cancer patients better. MB30 is one of the extensions of XanGo. So if you have a job but wanna make a little more money on the side you could get signed up under the MB30 movement. The MB30 movement is not really hard to sign up for. It's easy go to www.mb30.com. Also with MB30 theres 20twenty it's a simple concept coupled w/ an extremely effective product. Invite 20 prospects to your own MB30 meeting hosted by you and you can distribute twenty Limitless samples, one to each prospect. Show them why Limitless™ is a better, more effective and less expensive product than those so-called other energy drinks on the market. With sound science and proven ingredients, Limitless is sure to amaze. The power and the beauty of the MB30 movement in the product. And like the name implies, you potential is also w/o limits. Also MB30 is for young people like us. So hop aboard this train and join MB30 today! :)
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