The Motion Sensor Water Dispenser

The efficient way to fill up a water bottle

The Use of the Motion Sensor Water Dispenser

Motion water dispensers are an efficient way of filling up a water bottle and conserving water at the same time. They help the earth by keeping plastic bottles out of landfills. The water dispenser contains about 3,000 gallons and fills up about 20,000 cups of water.

What Would The Cost Be?

The cost for a motion sensor water dispenser ranges from $400 to $1200. The more expensive stations are the ones that are connected to a water fountain. The are singular stations as well without an attached water fountain. For example, a singular station like the Elkay EMABFWS-RF Retrofit EZH2O Bottle Filler for EMABF and LMABF Fountains costs about $430.


This product could really help our school because it minimizes the amount of water that is being wasted. It could help the problem of wasted water that happens when kids tilt their water bottle when trying to fill up. We don't need a motion sensor dispenser at every water fountain. Ones closer to the gym would be beneficial because that is when most kids need a drink of water. Also with this station, the lines would move quicker and kids would get to their class earlier.

How to Raise Money

We could hold fundraisers to raise money just like the "Duck Hunting" one we currently are doing right now. We could also hold after school activities to help get money for our school to fund the purchase of the dispensers.

Pros and Cons

  • Less time is used in the process
  • Without have to tilt there is less of a mess

  • You usually have to change the filter
  • It is very expensive

Elkay EZ H2O drinking fountain / water bottle filler combo at Hamilton Hall UNL


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