Friday River Launch

March 15, 2019

♥ CKH Spotlight ♥

Do your students affirm each other on a regular basis?

Here are some Tips from !

1. Remember the three A's!

Ask students to choose a word off the Social Contract to affirm, appreciate, or acknowledge another student.

2. Set up safe opportunities for students to verbally affirm one another, or to write affirmation notes.

3. Challenge yourself to write each student a written affirmation. Imagine the impact that could make!

Thanks for being a positive adult in a child’s life!


FOCUS ON LEARNING~~~check out the article below!

"Stomping Out PLC Lite" is an AMAZING PLC/RTI article! Please take a few minutes to look over these results driven, researched-based PLC practices!

Rio Norte Junior High School

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Valenica, CA 91354

Audrey Asplund, Principal