Kindergarten Newsletter


Classroom News!

At the beginning of the week, we read a book called "Mrs. Wishy Washy," a story about a woman who tried to keep her muddy farm animals clean. Ms. Ruina transformed herself into the marvelous twin of Mrs. Wishy Washy much to the surprise and delight of the children! After reading the story chorally, the children cut and glued the animals onto a strip of paper in order of their appearance in the story.

At math time we practiced tally marks with a worksheet. The children are learning the mechanics of worksheets; writing names properly at the top of the paper, keeping track of numbers and rows, doing work neatly and checking when done to be sure all lines and boxes are filled in.

With rainy days comes less time outside but much more time for creativity and collaboration inside. With this time and space children dive deeply into the sort of play that provides opportunity for planning, negotiating, compromising, roll playing as well as the sense of pride that comes from a successful collaboration. These, of course, are the sorts of skills that prepare us for life in and out of the classroom.

Conversation Starters

* What does it mean to be tenacious?

* Who is Mrs. Wishy Washy?

* What is the name of the book about the hamster?

Fun Things To Do At Home

* Read the poem of the week.

* Practice counting forward and backward. Try starting at different numbers.

Poem of the Week

My Loose Tooth

I had a loose tooth,

A wiggly, jiggly loose tooth.

I had a loose tooth

A-hanging by a thread.

I pulled my loose tooth

My wiggly, jiggly loose tooth.

Put it underneath my pillow

And then I went to bed.

The fairy took my loose tooth

My wiggly, jiggly loose tooth.

And now I have a quarter

And a hole in my head.

Lillie D. Chaffin

Study of the City/ Bus Trip Field Trip!

Kindergarten will be taking the Metro bus through the city to Two Amy's for pizza on Thursday, May 12 (rain date May 19). We will leave school at about 10AM by foot. At Friendship Heights we will board the bus and travel down Wisconsin Ave to Two Amy's where we will have a slice of pizza before taking the bus back to Friendship Heights. In preparation for our trip we will be working with the maps of the DC Metro system.