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Principal's Point

Dear Parents & Guardians,

I hope you all had an excellent winter break. We were all a bit surprised to have the break extended for an additional week, but in talking with our students, it sounds like they really needed that extra time off. We were very happy to see everyone back in the building last week and hope that there aren't any further disruptions to their learning.

Speaking of disruptions in learning, we have noticed that there are more positive cases of COVID-19 being reported within our school community recently. We knew that this would be the case based on provincial and national trends, and have prepared to be flexible for the next several weeks. If your child does test positive, or if they show any of the symptoms, please contact the school to let us know, and then we will work with you to support their academics while at home.

In spite of the pandemic, we have been fortunate to be able to offer our students a bit of normalcy this year. Sports have been going well, with lots of students participating on the basketball and curling teams. And our ski trip is going forward with some modifications. We are running a condensed January Final Exam schedule as well, so that students can get some experience preparing for and writing exams while showing us what they've learned. We will soon be starting up our badminton teams and are looking forward to offering a full slate of spring sports, including rugby, softball, baseball, and track & field. If you are interested in helping with our badminton program or any of our spring sports, please contact Mr. Monts.

Our next School Council meeting is scheduled for February 2nd at 5:30pm. I encourage all parents and guardians to join us - this is a great way to become involved in making decisions about the direction of the school, as well as to help through volunteering and fundraising. Please keep an eye on the school's Facebook page for the meeting link.

As we wrap up the first semester, I want to again thank you all for your support. I also want to recognize our students in their efforts to follow COVID measures and restrictions, as well as their perseverance in continuing their education despite everything that's going on around them. They have shown a great deal of strength, patience, and resilience, and I am incredibly proud of them. Our second semester begins on January 31st, and we will be handing out timetables and making course change request forms available next week. If you or your child have any questions, please don't hesitate to give me a call or send an email, and I will be happy to help.

Leanne Hellman

B.Sc.Kin., B.Ed., M.A., M.Sc.

Learning Commons

A New Year and New Books in our Library!!

We encourage students to come check out our new book selection! Should there be any special requests for books, please let me know and I will look into adding them to our library.

We are excited to implement Enriched Academy to all our students (Grades 7 - 12) at the start of Semester 2. Enriched Academy provides students with critical financial and life skills they need to succeed.

The Learning Commons is looking for board games! If anyone would like to donate board games that are age appropriate and in good condition, please let us know!


Jen Dobson

Upcoming Exams

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Stressed about Tests?

When important exams approach, you may feel overwhelmed from all this pressure. The good news is – some stress is actually GOOD for you. It can motivate and help you perform at your best. But too much stress can make things even more difficult than they already feel. This is why it’s important to have good study environments, habits, and stress management strategies. Read on to learn ways to keep stress under control and give your exams your best shot!

Before studying

First, choose a great spot for studying!

  • Quiet

  • Tidy

  • Distraction-free

  • Well-supplied (or bring all supplies you’ll need)

Learn about the exam in advance

  • What format is the exam?

  • On which sections/topics are you being tested?

Plan ahead so you have a helpful study guide

  • Break subject areas into manageable chunks

  • Strike things off your list as you go – it lets you track your progress (and it’s satisfying!)

  • Take regular short breaks – this helps you focus better, for longer

While writing the exam

Get organized the night before so there's one less thing on your mind. Gather supplies and plan your breakfast. For suggestions of foods that help your brain, check out (keep in mind that coffee increases anxiety, so it's best to stick to the other options).

Use the washroom before the test. It's normal to feel like you have to "go" when you are really worried.

Use your breath to your advantage. If you feel stressed before or during the test, focus on your breathing for a few moments. Try counting slowly to three while you inhale, and counting slowly to four while you exhale.

Read through the exam carefully. Underline key words. Consider how much time you have, and allocate that time to the various exam sections. Try to budget time at the end to go back and check your work.

Take a deep breath, and start with the questions you find easiest. This way, you'll get your brain warmed up for the tougher stuff, and if you struggle later, you'll know that part of the exam is already done.

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Drivers Edge Training

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Hawks Nest

The Hawks Nest is closed. We will have some changes coming to our concession so once we have an update we will share the information.

Thanks again for supporting the Hawks Nest this year!

Palliser Beyond Borders

Students taking classes from Palliser Beyond Borders are reminded that they need to complete these courses by the end of January or have discussed the reasoning for an extension with their teacher.

Students who are looking to take courses from Palliser Beyond Borders in semester 2 should contact Mrs. Dobson to submit a course request. You may need to complete the GO course, which can be done before the start of semester 2.

Youth Get-a-Way Centre

Follow them on social media to keep up to date regarding hours, events, and

upcoming programming!

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Grad Gab

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Grad Pictures

It is time for staff to start creating the Grad slideshow. We are asking parents and guardians to submit 3 photos of the graduate. If you could please email them to we do not want hard copies submitted this year. Alternatively if you don't have access to email them please contact the office at (403)485-2223 and we can arrange.

If your student ordered a grad hoodie please ensure that payment is received on School Cash. Once you log in and select your student(s) you should see all fees that apply.

Council Reports

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Parent Council

The next meeting will take place on Wednesday, February 2nd at 5:30pm. New members are always welcome. This is a great way to become involved in our school community! If you would like to attend the meeting, please contact the school ( and we will send you the link.

Meeting minutes can be viewed on the CCHS website.

Thank you to Parent Council for the goodie bags distributed to all our students before the Christmas break!

Student Council

CCHS Student Council is looking for students to join and get involved yet again. For meeting times and information students can contact Mrs. Wouters.

Fridays are "Hawk Days"--wear your Hawk gear and/or blue and black.

CCHS Web Page

Be sure to check out our webpage for more info