Out of War


This is about a boy and his family named Herminsul and how they were brutely kicked off their farm without notice. Herminsul was a young boy when this happened the army came and took his family off of their land. They lived in a small wooden house with only three rooms for all of them. One for the parents, one for him and his siblings (5 children), and one for farm tools. They lived at the foot of a mountain in Boyaca Colombia. There is a river behind the house and the family lives off the land. The family makes a little money selling wood. Herminsul loved to run off away from his school with his best friend Jimmy. They would climb trees and fish all day until it was time to go home.

Herminsul On The Countryside

Herminsul lives in Bogota Colombia. Before that he lived at the foot of a mountain in Boyaca with fields around him everywhere. His family owned a farm and had plenty of space for him to have fun. He would go to the edge of his parents property and climb trees all day. After he was done climbing these enormous trees he would go fishing and swimming in a cool brook and have fun with his cousin Jimmy. But that would soon all change when the brutes came.
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Herminsul in The City

After being kicked out of his family's house and home, they moved to the city. Herminsul was trapped in a small apartment and was not allowed to explore. Had no friends in Bogota and was very lonely. The farm was sold for only $600 and helped the family buy a small plot of land and build their own house. Herminsul was forced to start working at age ten to help support his mother. He and his father didn't get along and herminsul started depending less on him. He started working in a market and learned how violent working there was. There were always fights breaking out and It was the exact opposite of what Herminsul had been use to in the country side.
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What Caused Herminsul to Change His Mind About Wanting Peace?

The thing that caused Herminsul to change his mind was when there was a riot in the streets where he was working. This is how the street fight went down, first the smaller merchants were sending there security to steal, rob, and beat up the street vendors like himself. The street vendors got sick of being abused (many kids of the age of about 14-15) started to fight back against an attack. The security guards start to fight back and within all the commotion the police and larger merchants joined the street vendors side. They drove the security guards away and got some food back with some money. Herminsul didn't like how there were kids trying to fight against these brutes because they needed help with their family like him. This made him start going to an organization that helped kids stay out of the violence and instead do art, and play with friends. Herminsul became a speaker for the group and was soon given the honors to be a part of The Children's Rights Movement. That is what caused Herminsul's interest in peace.
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Herminsul Threats?

There have been no threats to the family or Herminsul himself that have surfaced recently. The only threats he were ever given were by the smaller merchants in the market and the men who kicked his family out of his house. The men who kicked him and family out of their house gave the threat that they agree and leave by morning or die. Herminsul´s family did the logical thing and left but had to deal with more daily threats in the city. In the city it was hard to pay for necessity so Herminsul got a job as a street vendor in the market. Here the smaller merchants stole money from him and even the food he was selling in the streets. He was threatened to move away from there many times like the others there but like the others they did nothing except steal from them.