Fifth Grade At Home Learning

May 4 - May 8, 2020


Do the Parts of the Mass Cutout Practice that was attached to this week's email. I will post the answers on Edmodo on Friday.

This is practice for a quiz next week.

This page may help.


Continue reading the articles on Make sure you are giving text evidence when asked! Aim for a score of 80% or above! Some of you are doing awesome on these!!

I have recommended some new reading skills to practice on IXL. These are skills we would have gotten to in Wonders.

Don't forget to read your 20 minutes each day. Share what you read on Edmodo. If you are not doing the Readworks articles, I hope you are at least doing a lot of reading on your own!!

Listen to the chapters from The War I Finally Won and answer the question about the chapter of the day. We are getting very close to the end. Only ten chapters left! What is going to happen?!


Do SPELLING unit 33.

Answer the question of the day on Edmodo WRITING with complete sentences and proper mechanics. Some of you seem to have forgotten what a complete sentence is and continue to just write a short answer. This is a skill on our report cards!!

Do 5 Minute GRAMMAR on Edmodo. Quiz on Friday!


Do the math review posted on Edmodo each day and take the quiz on Friday. When I post the answers for Monday's review, I have been posting explanations of how to work the problems. They are the same type of problem for the whole week. Make sure to check those out if you don't understand how to do any of the problems.

Continue to practice your math skills on I have made some more recommendations of skills to practice. This week there are some on measurement. Some of you have been working really hard and have answered a lot of questions on IXL. That is so awesome to see!!!!

If you are having difficulty finding the recommended skills, the picture below shows where they are.


Watch "Has a shooting star ever landed on someone?" on Mystery Science.

Go to Edmodo and look for the SCIENCE post on this lesson and answer the questions posted there.

Challenge: Go to Seesaw and do the Solar System Lineup activity.

Social Studies

Watch Liberty's Kids Episode 3 - United We Stand

When you have finished watching the episode, do the

"Liberty Kids-Episode 3-United We Stand" quiz on Edmodo.

News Bowl Weekly

Don't forget you can do the News Bowl Weekly Challenge at home!! The directions are as follows:

  • Go to and at the upper right find the Potpourri Student Signup.
  • Make a Player Account
  • In the first field, you will need a 9-digit ID number to join the Pilot Member Team. use 482304408
  • You will fill in the short form and create a USERNAME and Password. (YOU MUST WRITE THIS DOWN!)
  • You will have created a Personal Student Home Page and there you will play the Potpourri 8-Minute Quiz Bowl each week through May.
  • Do not use a phone or any assistance to answer the 20-question quiz.
  • Post your score on Edmodo. Let's see who can get the highest score!!



Exercises and 30 sec. Superman instead of the Plank

Heart rate activity: Walk or run around the outside of your house or in the driveway.

Lesson Focus: Underhand tossing playing Corn Hole


Sing the refrain of “Awesome God” everyday this week! Teach it to someone in your family who doesn’t know it.


Draw angry birds with the whole family. You will need dice, paper, pencil, and markers or crayons. On your first roll, draw the body according to the number you rolled. Second roll, the eyes and so on. Everyone’s bird should look different. Color.

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A letter from Ms. Heinrichs and a family activity that you may do were attached to this week's email.

Zoom Class Meeting

We will meet once again on Wednesday night at 7 P.M. Look for the invitation email on Tuesday. We will have another Mystery Guest. Also please pick THREE random items and have them with you for the Zoom. See you then!!


There are many activities that have been assigned on Seesaw that are available for you to do if you would like. Some of you have already been there! That is awesome!! If you need a personlized login, email me to let me know, and I will sent it to you.

Memory Books

Sometime soon I am going to be asking you on Edmodo if you are doing a memory book. I just need to know so I can prepare my part of them. I would appreciate it if when I ask, you would all respond with either a YES (I am doing my memory book) or NO (I am not doing a memory book). Thanks!!

ABC Countdown

The ABC Countdown will continue this week with the letters I, J, K, L, and M. Thanks to those who have participated. These pictures showed up on H is for hat day. A few too many Cubs hats for my taste!! :)

Do what you can and as always, if you have any questions or need help with anything, please do not hesitate to email me!! I'm here for YOU!!

I miss you all, and it is hard to believe that we will not be together in the classroom at school again. Love seeing and hearing from you online!!

Mrs. Worden

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