History of WWE

By: Lena John

About All The WWE Champion Belts

  1. Dating back to 1963, the WWE Championship is widely recognized as the most historic championship in WWE.

At WWE TLC ( Tables,Ladders,and Chairs) match on December 15,13 WWE champion Randy Orton defeated the World Heavy Weight Champion John Cena to unify the two titles melding the most vital championship lineages in all of sports entertainment and creating the WWE Heavy Weight Title.

2 . The Intercontinental Championship has been viewed as one of the most prestigious awards in the world of wrestling.

Since its inception in September 1979, many greats have captured the Intercontinental Championship, including WWE Hall of Famers Pat Patterson, Don Muraco, Tito Santana and Greg Valentine.

Additionally, many of today's top super stars have enjoyed reigns as Intercontinental Champion, including Shawn Michales, The Rock , Chris Jericho and Triple H.

3 . Michelle McCool was the first WWE Diva to claim the Divas won the coveted butterfly including Maryse and Melina who each held it twice. Michelle unified the Divas championship and the women's championship at Night Of Champions in September 2010 when she defeated Melina with the help of Layla to become the first - ever unified Divas champion.

4. Many of the ring's greatest names have stalked claim to US title during the title's early years including WWE Hall of Famers Slaughter and Greg Valentine. Years later, the us.

Championship regained the glory it held in years past when competitors like Eddie Guerrero, Brooke T and John Cena fought over it in many memorable battles

5. Established in 2002 , the wwe Tag Team championships are considered the most prestigious prize in Tag Team Wrestling. The championships were created by Stephanie McMachon when it was decided that the world Tag Team Championships would be exclusive to the Raw Brand. The shrewd executive declared that the first champions would be the duo that survived a brutal tournament. Since that time, many great tandems have staked claim to the coveted titles, including D-Generation X, John Morrison and The Miz and Los Guerreros

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