What Andrew Jackson Did As PreZ

By Lucas Bixler

Killing The National Bank

Since Jackson was a common peoples person he mainly listened to the common man instead of the rich and he realized how corrupt the National Bank's where. That being so Andrew Jackson closed or "killed" the National banks. After the Nation banks were closed the congress tried to reopen them but Jackson instantly VETO'd them. This would hurt the rich people but help the common people. He did not realize how much he had messed up he had hurt the US economy by making the currency unstable which in the end hurt everyone as a hole.

Spoils System

Jackson rewarded his followers and supporters by offering some of them jobs if he were to be elected. The people who got the jobs would be rewarded and grateful and not regretting the decision of making him president. As the president did not have enough jobs for the 642,553 people who voted for him as the popular vote therefor the majority of his voters were very mad at him. This was also bad for the United States because the jobs were filled with people who had no idea how to run a country or what they were doing so it ruined the US at the time.

Nullification Crisis

The tariff of 1828 was passed so that imported goods would have an extra tax or would make you pay extra for the goods. Which that was not good for the south which made them pay a lot more compared to the other parts of the United States. South Carolina was very very mad at Jackson and threatens to leave the union which Jackson could not let some one threaten him again! So the Force Bill was passed to help him out with stoping that from happening the Force Bill allowed the president to send troops / the army against a state in the own country to stop riots or protests which is what he did. When South Carolina figured out what he was doing they got scared and told Jackson if he lowered the tariff they would not leave and there would be no need to fight

Jackson's Political Cartoon

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This Political Cartoon

This cartoon shows that Jackson does not obey the law and does what he wants and he will punish anyone who disobey's him. Rather is be hanging or shooting them in a duel! No one can stand up to Jackson not even the Supreme Court or the House Of Rep.

Positive Side For Jackson

I am a farmer who would love to see Jackson as a president of the US because I was a well paying job and he will grant me land and money just for supporting him by using the spoils system he is a common man and a war hero to everyone around me!


Negative Side For Jackson

I am a Cherokee Indian who was forced out of my land by the immature Jackson that can't listen to anyone and obey the rules so he is the worst of them all he even didn't listen to the House of Representatives and he is basically our king or dictator which no one wants around me accept his supporters and people that he hires for jobs that are Not educated what so ever.

Don't Let Jackson Serve!