Advanced Prospecting & Referrals

Lead generation through phoning, referrals and introductions

If you are a master at getting referrals and are a certified ninja on the telephone, you do not need to attend this workshop...

This interactive session will uncover:

✔ Undermining beliefs that hinder effective phone prospecting.

✔ Goals and elements of an effective phone call

✔ The most important factor in the success of your phoning, and how to maximize it.

✔ How to use neuro-linguistics, pattern interrupt, and ground rules to start a phone call off properly; lowering resistance and conditioning your prospects to begin making decisions within the first 30 seconds of the call. Ps. This will get you more appointments & shorten your sales cycle…

✔ leave or not to leave?

✔ The most important factor to your closing percentage, and how to maximize it.

✔ Mental barriers that hinder you from getting referrals.

✔ How to prime your prospects to refer you business.

✔ How to reduce prospects resistance/risk in referring you business.

✔ When and how to discuss referrals.

✔ Why the best referral is the one you never asked for. And how to systematically make that happen more frequently.

✔ How to help your prospects think of more people to introduce you to.

✔ How to get referrals from sources who are often reluctant to give them.

✔ Keys to identifying and attracting loyal clients who will give you the most referrals.

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Details and Investment

Date: Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Location: 1731 Technology Drive, Suite 200, San Jose CA 95110

10am-12:30 pm Session 1 - Phoning Training

12:30-1:30pm Lunch (restaurants and coffee are nearby)

1:30-4 Session 2 - Referral & Introductions Training

Space is Limited to 40 Participants!!

General Pricing: $299 Per Person

Early registration (by Friday, April 25th) only $149 ** Plus, You may bring a friend for $99 additional.