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25 Great Day Trips This Summer

Take the Taste Trail through Prince Edward County. Indulge the inner foodie with a sampling of restaurants, wineries, farms and unique food producers.

Experience the words of Bernard Shaw and his contemporaries. Pick a play or two at Niagara-on-the-Lake’s Shaw Festival, plan a picnic and sign up for peek into the costume and prop warehouse. Combine a play with a couple of wine tours.

Antique your days away at Aberfoyle. For the devoted who are up for hours of searching, the Aberfoyle Antique Market is one of the best collections of junk and treasures around.

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Plan your wine tour, below.

And if you are going to New York for the weekend...

Make sure to catch the Madeline Exhibit at the New York Historical Society. Madeline, the classic children’s book series about a plucky little French girl’s adventures at boarding school, turns 75 this year, and the New-York Historical Society is marking the anniversary with “Madeline in New York: The Art of Ludwig Bemelmans.”

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The Market Watch....Toronto On Track As Hottest Market in Canada

The average selling price for June transactions was $568,953, representing an increase of
7.4 per cent compared to June 2013.
The strongest price increase for the GTA as a whole
was for semi-detached houses, with the average price up by 9.7 per cent year-over-year.
The pace of price growth for condominium apartments was also strong at 6.8 per cent.
“With less than two months of inventory in many parts of the GTA, it makes sense that
we continued to experience very strong price growth in June. This is especially the case
for low-rise home types like singles, semis and townhouses. Strong price growth for
these home types will continue through the remainder of 2014. Despite higher inventory
levels, the condominium apartment market segment has benefitted from enough buyer
interest to result in above-inflation price growth,” said Jason Mercer, TREB’s Senior
Manager of Market Analysis

Toronto On Track As Hottest Market in Canada

Condo Status Certificate Dangers

Why does a lawyer have to review the condominium status certificate on a resale purchase? What are the risks if it’s not done?

A lawyer’s review of the certificate will confirm the unit and level number of the condominium, the amount of common expenses, the existence of a budget and audited financial statements and a reserve fund study. Whether there are any anticipated special assessments or common expense increases, and whether the corporation is involved in any litigation.

Unfortunately, as many as half of the certificates I examine reveal..... Click for full article

Transit is good for people, and for property values

The mayor of Toronto is taking all the credit for getting a subway for Scarborough, though there are several other high-stakes political players with sticks on that particular ice. The provincial Liberals and the federal Conservatives are both keen to get Toronto’s votes. Regardless of how said subway is eventually built, one thing we can be sure of: it will affect the value of properties on its route.

Another Great Visit by Gloria Vanderbilt

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It has been a year since our last visit with Gloria Vanderbilt and this year she is more radiant than ever. Her Toronto Art Show at the private Spoke Gallery is astonishing in it's range, size and colour. It runs until August 28 and you should contact the De Luca Gallery for the visiting schedule. Well worth a visit !!

As well as her Art Show, Gloria was here to promote her beautiful book of stories, THE THINGS WE FEAR MOST.

"From the multi-talented and versatile Gloria Vanderbilt comes an all new series of stories that are touching, surprising, enigmatic, and told in a beautifully calibrated and talented prose...stories that seize upon a situation, a brief moment that is resonant with the random static of everyday disaster....stories in which to merely step into a room is to find that everything in your life has been inexplicably reverses....stories in which love may be ardent but defeat is deadpan, a stillness in the afternoon."

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Here's The Reason Why The Wedding Ring Is Worn On The 4th Finger

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As the Brooklyn Tavern and a great patio to have a cool one...

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