Lillian Fischbach

Asian culture

The Culture of Asia is human civilization in Asia. It features different kinds of cultural heritage of many nationalities, societies, and ethnic groups in the region, traditionally called a continent from a Western-centric perspective, of Asia.


Asia’s huge size is one of the reasons why it has regions of a wide variety of climates; some of the coldest,hottest, wettest and some of the driest places on earth.


The Himalaya Mountains extend for about 1,550 miles, separating the Indian Subcontinent from the rest of Asia. Asia also has many plateaus.
In the Philippines, medium-rise residential blocks in Taguig City are built with interlocking blocks while the steel frame technology, originally from New Zealand, is used to construct row houses in the typhoon-hit Bicol region. Bamboo, an indigenous fast-growing plant in Nepal, is used by Habitat to build homes with woven bamboo panels for walls. Commonly, Habitat houses in Asia-Pacific are made from block, often made by homeowners and timber. Roofing may be corrugated metal sheets or tiling.
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