The Road to Perseverance

Anna Selvey

Everyone faces adversity. Some people are very well known for persevering through their adversities. Perseverance is being able to keep on going when things are tough. There are very good things that can be learned from other people’s perseverance that can be used to help get through adversity.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill was a brave and tenacious historical figure. He was born in Great Britain in 1894. His childhood was a little rough for him. His parents were never around. He had a nanny for a mother. He was sent to boarding school. Churchill was later accepted into Harrow School. Throughout his life he had shown that he was wise, inspiring, and hard-working. For example, when he graduated at the top of his class at Harrow School he showed he was wise. When Churchill gave the “Never give in” speech at Harrow School during WWII, he inspired the students and staff. Churchill did many different things to help his country find solidarity throughout his first term serving as the Prime Minister. This shows he was a very hard worker. However, he is best known for serving two terms as Prime Minister of Great Britain. During this time he helped his country to never give in to their adversities during the war. This helped Britain a lot. Winston Churchill once said, “Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” From this quote we know Winston Churchill persevered a lot during his lifetime. He was telling his country to not give in to their adversities. He never gave in to his adversities either. Churchill lived a very important and successful life.

Losing to Win

The Basketball team at Carroll Academy is currently on a 218 game losing streak. The girls are from abusive or drug addicted families and may not have a real home. They are sent to the academy for help and have to be on the team. The girls already have a negative outlook on their lives. Sadly, they also feel a negative attitude towards the team. This makes it even harder for them to persevere and win games. It easily brings them down. Luckily, they have to stay on the team. By getting to know the other girls, they know and understand that others have problems too and they're not alone. They learned to talk to each other and trust each other. This helps them work together as a team to win win a game. The Lady Jags finally scored over 30 points in a game using the skills they learned. The girls focused a lot on not letting their problems get to them or affect them during their games. Even though they didn’t win they felt happy with what they had accomplished.

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson was the first black man to play in the major leagues. How did he get there? Jackie Robinson began by joining Branch Rickey and the Noble Experiment. As a result, Robinson faced rejection and many adversities from teammates, fans and press. Yet, Robinson was able to play baseball in the major leagues. This lead to equal rights in baseball. It promoted integration. Now blacks can play in the MLB. Jackie Robinson inspired many blacks to stand up for their rights and changed racism in America. This was one of the first civil rights acts that really changed everyone’s perspectives and views on blacks. He had to persevere through the many challenges he had faced in order to get to where he wanted to be and show the world he was as good as a white.

Eleanor Roosevelt


Eleanor had a tough childhood. She didn’t have anyone to go to. She developed many fears. Eleanor had a good relationship with her father. Then, her father left when she was young. She didn’t have anyone anymore.


Eleanor found that she loved to read. She also tried out for field hockey at her school. Those things helped her feel better about herself and kept her mind off of her other troubles. She learned a lot about always doing what she was told and doing her job.


Eleanor fell in love and married to her cousin, Franklin D. Roosevelt. This gave her self confidence. Then he became the president of the United States. Then she began helping the poor. Eleanor was reminded that some things can be done about the poor.


Franklin began to betray Eleanor. Their relationship became very troubled and distant. She was very distraught. Shortly after, he fell ill with polio. Then she began to travel worldwide to help with the war. Eventually all the things she did were recognized by many.

Carry On

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There are many people that we can learn from. We can learn how to overcome adversity from their perseverance. We can learn about their adversities and how they overcame them or continue to overcome them. Their adversities may be similar to others’ adversities. We will learn to never yield to our adversities. Looking at how some people persevere reminds everyone that they too can persevere through their adversities.