Asian Elephant Habitat

Amalie Eig-Tassiello Period 2

Asian Elephant Zoo Habitat

Scientific Name: Elephas maximus indicus

Average Temperature: 50 degrees farenheight


Dogwood, Bamboo, Bo Tree, Zakobe

Old Habitat

This is a picture of the Asian elephant natural habitat. Over the past years, humans have destroyed these grassy areas in South and South East Asia.

Why is the Asian Elephant endagered?

Asian elephants are endangered because too mant people hunt them for their ivory. Also, people keep destroying their habitats so now they have no place to live, and they keep moving closer to the humans. When the elephants move closer to the humans, people shoot them because they ruin crops.


Physical 1. More Habitat:

When we give the elephants a bigger place to live, they can eat more. In the wild, people destory their habitats, and elephants need a lot of space because they eat a lot.

Physical 2.

Stronger skin:

this will help the elephant stay alive because the predator will have a harder time killing and eating the elephant,

Behavior 1. Stay away from human confict:

Elephants don't like when people interrupt them in nature. We will keep the humans outside the habitat so that the elephants will adapt to being with other elephants. Nobody will be allowed to hunt, there will be forest guards making sure that nobody goes in to hunt or harm.