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A New Electronic Cigarette Law!!

Hello everyone!! By profession I am an author. I love to write about the things going in and around me. I have hearing of electronic cigarettes from some time. This topic is always at the forefront of newspapers and this industry has become a burning topic. As per my perception, till date there has been limited research examining the health effects of e cigarettes use. Recently I went to watch a movie. Well, I started watching the movie. During the intermission, I went out to bring a pack of popcorn. While waiting in the queue, I noticed a lady vaping an electronic cigarette. As I have heard about it, it was nothing new to me but almost everyone was looking at the beautiful lady. She was quite embarrassed and in order to cut it off, she spoke out “I am a vaper and not a smoker”. To my surprise, nobody said a word and resumed their work. Meantime, the intermission was over and I quickly hurried back to my seat along with my popcorn tray.

Though I continued with the movie, my mind was unstable as I was thinking about the lady vaping e cigarettes. I also want to buy electronic cigarettes now as her lines tempted me to purchase one. As the health effects are still unknown, I will have to go for the best electronic cigarette among all. Just today, in the morning while reading the newspaper I found that Illinois Gov. has signed a new e cigarette law. This new law prohibits the use and sale of e cigarettes to anyone under age 18. It applies to all alternative nicotine products as well. The law will be into effect from January 1. I genuinely believe that this law is valid because minors should not be allowed to vape.

But anyways, this topic is always controversial. I don’t know when it would come to an end. Let’s hope for the best. Well, nowadays I am going through the electronic cigarette reviews in order to know about user’s experience.