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Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

From all of us connected with Mission Behind Bars and Beyond who have been touched by the wonder of this season and the power of God's transforming love, we bring you season's greetings. By now everyone has received letter after letter promoting different worthy causes to be supported. We want to share some Christmas cheer by providing just one of the many stories of God's love at work. Cheri's testimony is made possible by your gifts and prayerful support. With God's help, we continue to mend a broken world. One life at a time.
In Cheri's own words:

At the age of 55, I found myself at the end of 4 years of incarceration. At the time I was enrolled in a substance abuse program and the completion was approaching fast. This program fulfilled my recommendations from the Department of Corrections in order to receive my parole. While attending this program, I had the distinct honor of meeting Pastor Dean Bucalos, who ran the New Life in Christ Christian Church, Dismas Charities-Dierson Center. Thanks to him the women have their own church while living at Dierson. Pastor Dean also introduced me to Mission Behind Bars and Beyond.

I remember asking him what could this Nurture, Support, and Accountability Group do for me? He simply smiled kindly and asked me if I had all the support I thought I may need when I graduated from Dierson. Of course, my answer was no, since my family no longer associated with me and my husband was struggling as well. After all, can anyone ever have too much support?

The first night I met with these kind people, there was an immediate feeling of closeness. It was amazing to me that these kind people took time out of their lives to meet and support me! WOW!! Without any judgment they welcomed me into their midst. My past was not a factor in the way I was treated. All that was asked of me was to allow them to support me. They only want to see me succeed at this new life I am embarking on.

After a very short time, I began to think of them as an encouraging, loving family. They laugh with me. They spur me on to push myself towards new goals. Each member of this group truly cares about me and my well being. I still wonder at this gift of love but it is an absolute blessing from God that I have had this group of people in my life.

--Cheri Black

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Mission Behind Bars and Beyond received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Kentucky Council of Churches for excellence in empowering congregations for restorative justice work. Cheri Black is second from the right next to Board Chair, Mark Johnson, on the far right.

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