Third Grade Newsletter

May 30, 2016

Monday: School Holiday

There is no school this Monday, May 30.

Tuesday: Field Day / Need Lunch Count For Last Day Of School

FIELD DAY - A few notes about Field Day on Tuesday, May 31 . . .

* Wear Dove T-shirts

* Pizza will be provided to all third graders for lunch (compliments of Wise Guys Pizzeria)

* Students will be responsible for providing their own water bottle/drinks for lunch

LUNCH ORDERS FOR LAST DAY OF SCHOOL - The cafeteria is asking that we provide them with a lunch count for the last day of school, which is an early release day. Please talk with your child about whether or not they need to order a lunch from the cafeteria on Thursday, as we will be sending the final count to the cafeteria on Tuesday.

Wednesday: Awards / Supplies To Go Home

AWARDS CEREMONY - Parents are invited to attend the third grade awards ceremony scheduled for Wednesday, June 1 at 2:00 p.m. We hope to see you there!

SUPPLIES TO GO HOME - Students will be bringing their supplies home with them on Wednesday. To allow for more storage room in backpacks, students will not need to bring their binders to school on this day. Students may also want to consider bringing an extra bag to for carrying supplies home.

Thursday: Early Release Day

Thursday, June 2 is the last day of school and an early release day. Students do not need to bring their backpacks to school with them on this day.

important note regarding iPads!

iPADS NEEDED IN CLASS ON WEDNESDAY - Please make sure your child brings their iPad to school on Wednesday. The district has asked us to work with all students on backing up the information contained on iPads and preparing the devices for next year.

iPADS OVER THE SUMMER - If your child currently takes their iPad home each night, then their iPad will be sent home with them for the summer. If for some reason you do not want your child to bring their iPad home over the summer, please let your homeroom teacher know as soon as possible.

Preparing For Fourth Grade

Summer's here and, while this is a great opportunity for kids to relax and enjoy their free time, it's also a great opportunity for students to continue to read, write and practice their multiplication facts.

* READING over the summer helps students sustain their reading stamina and maintain the reading level they've worked so hard to achieve throughout the school year. Encourage your child to select both books of interest to them, as well as new genres they may not be familiar with!

* JOURNAL WRITING about their day or week not only helps students maintain the writing skills they learned throughout the year. Focus on writing summaries that include a good beginning, middle and end!

* MASTERING MULTIPLICATION AND DIVISION FACTS is an expectation for incoming fourth graders. Having this skill will greatly impact their ability to efficiently solve problems throughout their school years.

This Week's Highlights

IB Focus . . . IB In Action!

This section of the newsletter has been devoted to various components of IB throughout the year--descriptions of attitudes, learner profiles and transdisciplinary themes, as well as what inquiry looks like. With the rollout of our IB unit coming to a close, we encourage you to talk with your child at home about their greatest challenges and successes throughout this unit!