April is National Poetry month. During library class, I showed the students a great app called: Theme Poem (free) in which students can choose a topic and create a shape poem. As they brainstormed words and phrases, they were limited to a certain number of characters which forced the students to think critically about their text.

Once the student created a poem, we then used another app called Tellagami (also free). This app allowed the students to create an avatar type figure and to create a background (we chose our poetry pieces). The students then recorded themselves reading their poem. They have only 30 seconds to record their narration which requires the skill of fluency.

The students learned many new skills, thought critically, and conferred with peers. AND they had fun! Thank you to Mrs. Barger for accompanying her students to come to library for a second class this week!

Hope you enjoy our creations.

Mrs. Martellino

PS- Due to technical difficulties, two of the poems are shown in iMovie- so we used a 3rd app for these poems!

My Movie
My Movie 2